Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kissed By Snowflakes Débutante Ball

We started planning for this day in March 2009...
Here it is, 2.37am and i am pulling the 100 pins from my hair
and its all over.....

Well for another couple of months anyway
and then they have the
Deb of the Year...

But the year or more of planning for this night!!!
And now its morning!!!

You may have noticed that i haven't been as active on my blog
or with scrapping lately!!!
That's because i have been the co convenor
for the Deb this year.
Which means lots and lots of hard work
and sleepless night!!

From start to finish
we planned and made it all happen
the venue
the band
the lighting
the decorations
the bouquets
the bar
the tickets
the cleaning
the setting up
the pulling down
the making
the buying...
There were two of us and a small band of helpers which
were the Mums of the Debs.

And here are the finished products...

( I actually bought my dress from China on Ebay!!)
And it looked stunning on the night!
(A bit low in the fr0nt though... Puppies were hanging out all night!!)

Here is Emelia and her boyfriend Jesse
how gorgeous does Emelia look!
So perfect!
They looked so adorable!
Of course me and Emelia
Me & Stu
This is Emelias Deb Partner Robbie
Robbie and Emelia
Emelia and Jesse
Emelia looked stunning!!!
The dress so suited her!
And then this!
We started decorating several months ago!
There were 300 of those little snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.
We had a special gobo made
"Kissed by Snowflakes"
reflected on the floor.
With snowflakes underneath
About 30 little pine trees covered in fake snow
Mum and Ken made the 32 centerpeices from my design
Here is Emelia being presented to the Bishop!
She was very nervous about this part,
but she smiled and did very well
Here is the table for the specail guests
So its all over now...
Clean up was today! (This post has taken 2 days to complete!!)
Now i just have the miles and miles of material to wash and iron.
The next Deb will be 2nd of September for the
Deb of the Year!
No work for me with that one, we just turn up! Yay!


phillipa said...

Oh Jodi how stunning is all this and of course you all look amazing!
I just love the way you have done the's beautiful!!

lindy said...

Jode your certainly did a beautiful job with the hall!and you and Emelia look beautiful what a gorgeous drees she has..

passion4pink said...

Great job AGAIN!!!What a night to remember for you all & Emelia looked gorgeous in her gown.

kerry said...

Oh Jodie how beautiful and stunning do you and Emelia look .And what a huge job you have out done yourself chick congrats.Take care Kerry xx

BrigitteG said...

Heyy beaudiful Jodi !!
haven't been coming around for quite some time and... wowww what a good job you've done on the hall, that looks aweeesome !!
not to mention your beaudiful family, and of course you, stunning with pink :)
Brigitte G.

Joanne said...

Beautiful photos, your hair looks gorgeous, pity you had to take out all the pins.

Anonymous said...



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