Monday, June 21, 2010

A Busy Weekend

I had such a busy weekend!!!!

It started on Friday night with the
This is the Mystery Challenge I did....
"A Morning in the Mountains"
But thats all i did for the weekend...
Saturday was spent at Netball...
The 'Uncos" had a great game and
really played like a Netball team!!
Emelia had some really great moments!
I was so proud of her!!
This is her second year at Netball ever!
And this year she is in the Seniors
so they are doing well!!!
She plays the attackers usually...
Her catching is getting better and better
Then there are moments like this...
I think the statement was
"So where do i throw it"
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Then after Netball, it was straight home to pick up Solo
and they headed out to a friends place
for some jumping....
Solo loves to jump!!
So does Emelia
Straight out of the paddock without a decent ride since the show
and look at him go!!!
Then the poor bugger coped me!!
Emelia made me jump!
But we just did a little tiny one
and that frightened the crap out of me!!
You'd think Emelia got have got me face on
rather than the back end....
Not very flattering, but i had to share!!!
Then on Sunday it was the start of months of planning...
The D├ębutante Ball Emelia is making
next Friday Night.
Myself and another lady are Conveyors this year!!
OMG, this is the biggest job!!!
Months of planning, and scheduling, rehearsals,
money, money, money.....
Headaches headaches headaches....
But Sunday was set-up day..
I cant show you full photos, as we want it to be a surprise..
But believe me, this is breathtaking!!!
The theme is
"Kissed By Snowflakes"
Get ready for more photos on Saturday
when its all over for another year....


Jackie / Kate said...

GO JODE !!! way to go girl - no chance I could do that x

Lisa A said...

i just love your work, looking forward to seeeing the photos from the deb ball....Talk soon

Jennifer said...

Great blog Jodi - super mum by the sounds of it! My mum also got me to netball all those years ago and I am still playing it now! My favourite position is C.

I have always enjoyed the game. The main thing is to have fun.

My parents were sideline to many of my games and in most instances were always aware of the number of goals each team had because there wasn't a scoreboard to show the game's progress. That, along with my love of the game is the reason why I created this iPhone/iPod app.

Thought you might be interested:

It might help you as you watch on from the sideline.


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