Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zane's First, 1st Birthday Party!!!

Guess who is in town this weekend??
Go on guess.....
His name starts with Z...
Yes, Baby Zane!!
And he is one on Wednesday!!!!
So we had a party for him today!!!!
I bought him this little drum..
He daddy has been letting him play with his big drum kit since
the day he was bought home from hospital,
so he knows how to wield the drum sticks...
I thought it would be nice for him to have something
to practise on while Daddy is at work
Look at that hand action!!
He even went looking for the cymbals.
So we added a pot lid on the side and he would bang on the drum
and then bang on the cymbal....
He knows his stuff...
Then he would through the sticks
just like the pros do!!!!

Daddy is working on his electric guitar action this weekend
too with Poppy Ken,
so the band should be ok to go in maybe 8 years!!!

Of course Zane also has some balloons
And a set of NSW State of Origin Gear
Jersey and trackies
As with all parites, your allowed to have the food your not allowed
any other time of the year
First there was Fairybread!!
THEN chocolate!!!
Yumm Yumm!!
Then it was cake time......
Nanny helped blow out the candle
Then it was eating time...
Zane loved the cake!!!
After consuming both of the little rabbits paws
Nanny took the cake away and there were
big real tears!!!
Cousin Emelia had to get in on the Cake eating act too...
They had to see who could get the messiest.....
Close, but i think Zane won!!!
It was a lovely little party!


phillipa said...

Oh my gosh! Hasn't he grown? Such a gorgeous looking little boy! Happy birthday Zane xx

Jules the Bling Princess said...

I can't believe he's one!!! Happy Birthday Zane. Hope you had a wonderful day. (-: Hip, hip, hooray!!!

Lisa A said...

WOW hasnt the first year gone fast


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