Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello from Port Macquarie

Just a quick post....
Im in Port Macquarie at the moment visiting my baby brother Gary, SIL and baby Zane..... Of course, Zane isnt born yet!! LOL
I also have another Brother living in Port (Mat), as well as my nieces and nephew. I would like to spend more time with them, but its so hard to juggle everything.
We are here on a holiday too....
Its hard to diferentiate between a holiday and a visiting relatives trip, as if your on a holiday with relatives, guilt makes you spend all your time sitting around chewing fat with the rels and you dont get to do anything!!!

So we are trying to achieve both as best as possible.
We picked Mat up on the first day and we went looking at the shops. We also picked up Cass my niece and she came with us.
Yesterday we picked up Mat again and went to the beach, dropped him home and then went Go Karting.
Today we are having a bit of a rest. Not sure what the kids want to do. Theres talk of going to Kempsey to have a look at an archery shop.... but we will have to wait and see.
I also want to my nephew Zac, as we are going home tomorrow!!!
We are having New Year hear with Gaz & Kel. Stu was trying to get over too, but it doesnt look like that will happen.
Josh blew his bike up on the way home from Port last Sunday. Got the Tamworth and that was it!! They were gonna be riding over again this arvo... but that aint gonna happen now!! :( Very sad. First New Year without Stu. We have always celebrated it together.
I guess these things happen!!!
Anyway, will upload some photos tomorrow when i get home!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Koala Crossing....

Once again prooving that Gunnedah is the Koala Capitol....
Here we have a Koala crossing the road this morning.
We were just leaving the showground and saw this guy!!
Talk about stopping traffic!!

He found a nice tree eventually!!!

Poor Emelia and Solo this morning.
We had a jumping school on this morning.
It was pouring rain.
I rang up to see if it was still on and they said, its all set up.. you just ahve to turn up.
We dont have a float, so that meant leaving 1 1/2 hours before start time to get to the showground in time and give Solo a bit of a rest and a feed.
So Emelia finally gets to the showground after riding there in the pouring rain!!!
Arrived at the show ground soaking wet as the last horse float was leaving!!
So frustrating for the poor kid.
So we waited for the rain the ease up before heading home....
Here they are, they were crossing the road at the same time as the Koala. Very convinient as all the traffic had stopped for the Koala...
Look at her all rugged up.... Its the middle of summer for goodness sake!!!

Isnt he lovely!! I gave him a hair cut yesterday.. Hes all beautiful again!!

There goneeeeeee

My boys are off to Port today for a ride... They love the hills and all the more inticing with accomodation with my brother and a "bonding session" at the other end....
I hope they are carrful!!
They left early this morning....

This is a layout i did last night. Its Decembers Sketch challenge from Liz's Blog"A Page from my Sketchbook"

I've chosen my Side.......

For people that have been reading my blog for a while, you will understand my obsession with books....
Im always reading something that takes me to another time and place..
I love the escapism.
Its not that my life isnt something thats wonderful, it is...
But being the obsessive/compulsive person that i can be, i really enjoy escaping from my thoughts for a while...
You remember by love for Jamie in the Outlander Series... He was a real escapism.
But i have found new heros in my new books.
The Twilight Series if really for Teen girls. Its about teen love and all that.
But with a difference,
Bella (The lead Charactor) is a normal human girl, inlove with a Vampire... The story then gets really anxious by involving Bella's Best Friend Jake, who happens to be a Warewolf.
And they are centuries old enemies....
So there are sides being drawn all over the world with these books.
Are you for Edward (The Vampire) or for Jake (The Warewolf)..
Before I read the second book, I wanted a Vampire... Edward was just so dreamy a charactor. But now i have just about finished reading New Moon and i have to tell you.... Ive changed eliegance...
Im now a Jake Fan... I like the Wolf!!!
Edward seems selfish in his feelings for Bella. He has broken her heart - there is no excuse for breaking someones heart....
I'm all for Jacob!!! Go the Wolf!!!!
(Yes, my sanity does come into question everyday!! ) LOL

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Ride

Emelia and I decided to take the horses out today....
Me on poor Solo and Cimmi was so excited to be out of the paddock with Emelia on her back...
She really loved the outing!!!
IT was so hot today!!!

Christmas Day for the Dolbels....

Christmas Day is over again for another year..
All that stress and worry about presents and food...
Over again
Just like that
In one day!!!!
I think christmas Day should be at least a weekend... LOL
The Americans make a big deal out of Christmas Eve dont they?
Might have to try that.... NOT!!!
Anyway.. Emelia got her long awaited for New phone.... SHe was very happy..
Along with some other beautiful gifts, she also got the most romantic little necklace from her BF!! So lovely!!!
Josh landed gear for his bike, some Horney Bike Jeans....
A voucher to pay off his loan... (Was very happy about that!!)
and clothes and bits and pieces
All I wanted for Christmas was two tone charms for my pandora...
Stu got me the two on the right and emelia the one on the left....
Its just about full now...
After the pressie opening, we went to Mum and Kens.
Ken has his girls with him this year, so we got the meet them.
Lunch was delicious and too much of it!!
Stu enjoyed a bourbon or 5...
As usual, Josh was very forthcoming with poses..

These are the little bride and groom bears i go mum, with a little swing....
Then was all ventured to the backyard for some pinata busting!!!
Poor Reigneer...

He lsot his head, then both his front legs and took ages to drop the loot!!! Talk about a sucker for punishment!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Christmas................2008

I nearly forgot to share my tree photos with you!!!!

I have lots of lights and things in my house.... I get them from my wedding lights supplier... all great chrissy things....
Here is a LED tree that i got this year and a teddy that lights up...

This is what it looks like with light....

Notice the lovely layout done by the very talented Kerry Murray!!

I bought these gorgeous white ornaments last year from another supplier....

Its great having wholesale access to these beautiful things.....

The little white tree doesnt light up....

Notice the Event Calender i made at Direct 2U Scrapbooking!! Great Class by Kristy!!

This angel was on the tree for a while, but shes a bit big and wobbly up there.. So now she sits with the reindeer....

I take this opportunity to wish all my cyberfriends a wonderful christmas, bringing happiness with family and freinds....
And all the warmest of wishes for the new year!!!


This is my Challenge 2 from the Chookscraps Cybercrop last weekend....
I was inspired by a layout by Carole Jansen,
I loved the way she used this sassafrass lass paper to cut the trees and rabbit out...
Unfortunately, mine is nothing like hers....
She layout was awesome!! But like... Yukko!!
But ya get a bit of that hey??

Australia Review

Put simply,
this movie was BRILLIANT!!
you wont be dissappointed!!!
Hugh... OMG!!! Do they come any hotter than this guy!!!
Nicole, well...... She did the same stuff she always does,
But the little "Creamy Kid"...
This kid was amaising,
Pulled straight of the reservation (So to speak) and onto our screens.. he did steal the show and made it what it has become!!!

Twilight Review

Im so not a Movie Critique, but i know what i like.
Having just started reading the Book Twilight by Stephenie Meyers
(Of which i cant put down by the way!!! - Im nearly done book 1)
I couldnt wait to see Edward as a vision of what is portrayed in the book...
I wasnt dissappointed....
Robert Pattinson from such movies as Harry Potter, was awesome is this movie and totally believeable!!!
There have been some dreadful negative reviews of Kristen Stewert, but having read the book, I think she did a great job with her charactor.
Because i have read the book, all those "Looks" in the movie, that didnt mean anything to the audience, meant something to me, as i knew what the charactors were thinking...
It is a Vampire, Love, Fantacy Movie, so its not going to be a "Gone with the Wind" or anything,
but i found it greatly enjoyable.
Remember these books have been made for the teen girl market, so you cant really expect adults to appreciate the fantacy as much as a child.
But i love all that stuff.. I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, The Day the War Began Series, all those fantacy teens books.
So this movie was right up my ally.
Loved It!!
If you dont take your Movies too seriously and love the good old fashion, love at first smell.... then go see it!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Solo

These arnt the best photos, but we were having some fun with Solo today.
We were trying to get him to wear the santa hat so we could get some photos.
Emelia had jsut washed him and he was looking so handsome!!!
So we were trying to put the hat on him.
We had to rub it on his face so he could see it wouldnt hurt him, then would could get it on his head!!
No go!!
He loved the feeling of the fluffy ball on his face and then he would grab it in his lips and throw it around and then throw it back at Emelia so she could rub his face again!!
So funny!
This game went on for half an hour!!!

I did a clown function last week!
A pre-school xmas party!!
107 kids for balloon animals and then more to buy them themselves!!
I was commissioned for 3/4 hour
But was twisting for an hour and a half!!
Talk about sore fingers.
The kids were lined up all around me about 3 - 4 deep and about 10 acround me!
They were pretty patient though...
It was the parents that were impatient!!
I can only twist one balloon at a time. I was working from one end to the other, in the front row and then when done would go back to the beginning and start on row 2. The parents would push in and i would just go onto the next kid and some didnt like it!!!
These kids are waiting patiently, and i was there for the kids... not the parents!!!
I was glad when that final balloon was done i can tell you.
About 200 balloon animals in 1 1/2 hours isnt too bad!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I decided to join in a cybercrop this weekend... need a bit of inspiration..
This is challenge 1
"Free Fallin'"
I love this layout.... Look at the flowers and bling, and yet it looks masculine...

Here is a christmas function i did tonight at the Rugby Club...
Beach/Christmas Theme...
Look at this lovely stuff I found....
Its a strawberry Dacquarie packet mix!!
So yummy!!!
cocktails last night...

With me, myslef and i!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Very Social Day Today + Softball Results!! :(

Ive really been looking forward to going to the launch of the
2009 Bellybuttons Calender.
This is a local Mothers group, coming together in pregnancy and child birth to offer support and firendship to one another.....
(Something i really wish I had when i had my babies!!)
Kaysie from Captured Memories by Kasyie
(You may recall she took our photos for Josh's Year 12 formal)
Did the photography and the images are truely beautiful....
I know the photo isnt very clear - they were taken on my phone - but these are the "Normal Mums" that are the Calender girls....
All with young babies & Toddlers...

This is my favorate month.... I love this photo and the one of the young Mum feeding her baby below it is so touching.....This is a beautiful project.....


Very Sad!!

After a very hard fight.... we LOST!!

That was the last game for the year.... Time to recover and let all the bruises heal!!!

Stu got a great photo of Josh the postie the other day....

He is in his Street Fighters T-Shirt. They have a bit of a comp on the ASF forum with weird places wearing their t-shirts...

Notice the grin in the rear view mirror??


This was my Secret Santa from Direct 2 u!! I have been a VERY good girl this year!!

Thank you Santa!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Lights

Tonight i went into the garden, with my camera, tripod and no idea!!!

Trying to take night time christmas lights photos....

I did come up with a couple of ok ones....

This is a photo of the front view of our place..
These lights are up the driveway....

This is under the archway walking from the front door to the driveway.
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