Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twilight Review

Im so not a Movie Critique, but i know what i like.
Having just started reading the Book Twilight by Stephenie Meyers
(Of which i cant put down by the way!!! - Im nearly done book 1)
I couldnt wait to see Edward as a vision of what is portrayed in the book...
I wasnt dissappointed....
Robert Pattinson from such movies as Harry Potter, was awesome is this movie and totally believeable!!!
There have been some dreadful negative reviews of Kristen Stewert, but having read the book, I think she did a great job with her charactor.
Because i have read the book, all those "Looks" in the movie, that didnt mean anything to the audience, meant something to me, as i knew what the charactors were thinking...
It is a Vampire, Love, Fantacy Movie, so its not going to be a "Gone with the Wind" or anything,
but i found it greatly enjoyable.
Remember these books have been made for the teen girl market, so you cant really expect adults to appreciate the fantacy as much as a child.
But i love all that stuff.. I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, The Day the War Began Series, all those fantacy teens books.
So this movie was right up my ally.
Loved It!!
If you dont take your Movies too seriously and love the good old fashion, love at first smell.... then go see it!!!

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Lisa A said...

I have heard many good comments about this series..Keep us up to date on how its going


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