Sunday, December 14, 2008

Josh's 18th Birthday Parrty............

After 4 days of putting up fairy lights, blowing up balloons, cooking and panicking.... its all over!!!!
Josh's 18th was a typical 18th I suppose.
Alot of very responsible teenagers though was about the most outstanding thing for the night...
Very different from the 18th birthday parties of my decade.....
I actually have one ADULT guest come up to me and ask me "What kind of mother am son wasnt rolling drunk!!!!"
I told her, he doesnt drink!! What can i do.
For Josh to stick to his guns about not drinking is very commendable with all that peer pressure...

He had a couple of lite beers... But he was jolly enough...

His cake said :

"18, Speeding into Adulthood"

The little motorbikes headlights light up and it makes a motorbike noice... All found this very amusing!!!
There were several parties happening around the place...
DD & her BF, and cousins had one party going....

Josh and his friends were in the bedroom or in the loungeroom playing XBOX Rock Band.... (The was a HUGE diaapointment for the adults who celebrated their 18th in the 80's!!!)

There was the cutting of the cake,,,,Then the speaches.... Stu & Josh

Bacon & Hutcho
Nay & Kaneand
Finally Uncle Gary, Aunty Kel & Zane

Some snacking under the bed at 2.00am!!!!And Steve and Gary fired up the Kariokie at about 12.30am!!
And they just sang to each other until 2.00am!!!
And then they were on the XBOX World Tour until 3.00am!!

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Lisa A said...

Cool love the balloons looks like you all had a good night.
I will be 36yrs old in 16days u could come down and do me some balloons LOL

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