Sunday, December 7, 2008


I used to ride all the time when i was younger...
did the whole pony camp thing
travelled to gymkanas, jamborees and things...
Even did Rodeo and Western Riding...
SO its not like i havnt riden before.....
But getting on one now, well thats a different thing!!!
But i woke up this morning, full of evergy.. (I think my experiment is starting to kick in!!!)
So thought id take Solo for a ride.
He bucked emelia with emelia yesterday, and he doesnt do that as a rule, so i thought i would give him ago.
I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! I dont have any photos thought unfortunately!!!
But this was my horse "Thor"
My father sold him on me when i was at school one day - I didnt even get to say goodbye!!!
He sold him because he said i didnt ride him enough...

But the truth was, he had bought a horse for himself (She was a bitch!!!!) and he wanted me to ride her for him.
She wasnt a pleasant horse to ride at all!! SHe was a bitch, and actually tried to kill me one!!!!
You can see in this photo, that i am not enjoying being on her! I hated her!!
It was really nice to ride Solo, as he is such a lovely boy!!


Lisa A said...

How cool would that have been riding SOLO

kerry said...

Well look at you perched up there.There is nothing that you havent given ago at is there.Take care Kerry xx


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