Saturday, December 6, 2008


Emelia, Courtney & I went to see the Annual
Gunnedah Circus School Show...
I have to say, this was an increadible experience, the performance from the young Arabats was astounding
All trained here is Gunndah..
One of Emelia's long time Friends Rose was on the Ribbon thing that hangs from the ceiling.
They twist themselves around in it and do the "tricks"
She was awesome and only been doing it for this year!!!
I wouldnt be surprised if we see her in big city shows when she is older!! What a talent!!!
(This isnt todays show... It was a promotion Picture from a previous year)
For a little town like Gunnedah to have this Circus School, with the help of all those who contirubute financial assistance, this is a wonderful endevour and a fabulous achievement...
Well done Kids!!!

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Lisa A said...

How good would this have been to seen, I hope you enjoyed


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