Saturday, December 27, 2008

Koala Crossing....

Once again prooving that Gunnedah is the Koala Capitol....
Here we have a Koala crossing the road this morning.
We were just leaving the showground and saw this guy!!
Talk about stopping traffic!!

He found a nice tree eventually!!!

Poor Emelia and Solo this morning.
We had a jumping school on this morning.
It was pouring rain.
I rang up to see if it was still on and they said, its all set up.. you just ahve to turn up.
We dont have a float, so that meant leaving 1 1/2 hours before start time to get to the showground in time and give Solo a bit of a rest and a feed.
So Emelia finally gets to the showground after riding there in the pouring rain!!!
Arrived at the show ground soaking wet as the last horse float was leaving!!
So frustrating for the poor kid.
So we waited for the rain the ease up before heading home....
Here they are, they were crossing the road at the same time as the Koala. Very convinient as all the traffic had stopped for the Koala...
Look at her all rugged up.... Its the middle of summer for goodness sake!!!

Isnt he lovely!! I gave him a hair cut yesterday.. Hes all beautiful again!!


Ness said...

Its great to see that the Koala's are still around. We used to get them in our trees until they knocked them all down for a new estate. The poor Koala's ended up disorientated and on the back doors of houses. They ended up being taken away which was very sad. Although we don't live there now it was really lovely having the Koala's in the trees in our backyard.

I can't believe Emelia is wearing all that when its been so hot.

Certainly a beautiful horse Jodi

phillipa said...

Jodi those koalas are HUGE!!!

kerry said...

Hey Jodii hope you had a fab Xmas and wishing you a wonderful new year.It is funny to see emila in all that gear when it has been so hot.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Solo really is a beautiful horse. I love that Koala i have always wanted one of them as a pet LOL LOL

lindy said...

Jodi what beautiful Koalas wow how big is he

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