Monday, December 1, 2008

Mowvember is over!!!!

Namoi Valley Archers....
See blog here
Had there Annual CHristmas Party and Presentation of Trophies Night last night.
But also incorporated the "Un Mowing" of our Mowvember entrant Steve!!!
What a great way to bring awareness to Mens Health!!!
Steve raised a few hundred dollars towards the cause, with last weeks shoot fees and canteen sales going to the cause, and then the passing of the hat last night..
Here is the entrant before the Un Mowing..... He was very happy with his Mow...

Steves wife did the honours of removing it...
Here is the Hitler version....

And the naked version....
All baby faced again!!!!

Great work Steve!!!
Darryl also thought his eyebrow could get in on the act....
So Janice plowed through them too...
Emelia and Mat enjoy the show

Along with Stu who was "Doing it tough in his lounge chair and scooner size Canadian Club and Lemonaide!!!
But the biggest shock of the night!!!
I havnt done as much archery this year as i did last year...
I really wasnt expecting to come out on top with my score for the year.
But even with what shoots i did do, I still scored higher than other ladies in my division!!
How great was that!!

I came home with FIRST trophy in Open Ladies!!!
Ok, thats all,
thanks for stopping by... Seeya!!

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Lisa A said...

Way to go Jodi, congratulations


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