Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've chosen my Side.......

For people that have been reading my blog for a while, you will understand my obsession with books....
Im always reading something that takes me to another time and place..
I love the escapism.
Its not that my life isnt something thats wonderful, it is...
But being the obsessive/compulsive person that i can be, i really enjoy escaping from my thoughts for a while...
You remember by love for Jamie in the Outlander Series... He was a real escapism.
But i have found new heros in my new books.
The Twilight Series if really for Teen girls. Its about teen love and all that.
But with a difference,
Bella (The lead Charactor) is a normal human girl, inlove with a Vampire... The story then gets really anxious by involving Bella's Best Friend Jake, who happens to be a Warewolf.
And they are centuries old enemies....
So there are sides being drawn all over the world with these books.
Are you for Edward (The Vampire) or for Jake (The Warewolf)..
Before I read the second book, I wanted a Vampire... Edward was just so dreamy a charactor. But now i have just about finished reading New Moon and i have to tell you.... Ive changed eliegance...
Im now a Jake Fan... I like the Wolf!!!
Edward seems selfish in his feelings for Bella. He has broken her heart - there is no excuse for breaking someones heart....
I'm all for Jacob!!! Go the Wolf!!!!
(Yes, my sanity does come into question everyday!! ) LOL


Kat Browne said...

In Twilight, I was sooo Edward/Bella. Then in New Moon, it was Jacob/Bella. Now I've read them all, and I'm all about team Alice/Jasper.

The problem is, neither of the Bella relationships seem that healthy. Edward is possessive, selfish, and whatever. Jacob is too young, too obsessed.

Have you seen the movie, yet? Not the way I pictured the characters, but pretty good lol.

Lisa A said...

Cool this sounds interesting i might have to go and buy that book

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