Thursday, December 4, 2008

Softball Update!!!!

Me got a booboo.... another one!!!!
Today we played the Misfits... only not enough of their palyers turned up, so they had to forfeit...
But we played a muck around game anyway!!!
I played backstop for the first round!! OMG!!! I coped a hit with the ball on my inside ankle bone and its so sore....
I will take a photo of the bruise tomorrow!!!!
Emelia caught a great fly ball!!!
Shes a fav on the team.. They call her Mils... So cute!!!
SO we are 4 games down...
3 wins (2 forfeit) and one loss
Last week we got flogged!!! 22 to 7!!!! Very sad :(

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

You need me on your team LOL


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