Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Solo

These arnt the best photos, but we were having some fun with Solo today.
We were trying to get him to wear the santa hat so we could get some photos.
Emelia had jsut washed him and he was looking so handsome!!!
So we were trying to put the hat on him.
We had to rub it on his face so he could see it wouldnt hurt him, then would could get it on his head!!
No go!!
He loved the feeling of the fluffy ball on his face and then he would grab it in his lips and throw it around and then throw it back at Emelia so she could rub his face again!!
So funny!
This game went on for half an hour!!!

I did a clown function last week!
A pre-school xmas party!!
107 kids for balloon animals and then more to buy them themselves!!
I was commissioned for 3/4 hour
But was twisting for an hour and a half!!
Talk about sore fingers.
The kids were lined up all around me about 3 - 4 deep and about 10 acround me!
They were pretty patient though...
It was the parents that were impatient!!
I can only twist one balloon at a time. I was working from one end to the other, in the front row and then when done would go back to the beginning and start on row 2. The parents would push in and i would just go onto the next kid and some didnt like it!!!
These kids are waiting patiently, and i was there for the kids... not the parents!!!
I was glad when that final balloon was done i can tell you.
About 200 balloon animals in 1 1/2 hours isnt too bad!!!


kerry said...

Beautiful layout Jodi andw what a cute clown you make hahaha take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
you really do make a cute clown.....Maybe my work could hire you for our next christmas party LOL LOL. Look at Solo, he is just like Kosmo doesn't like to wear the hat or ears...I have an update for you on SOLO the little kitty, he is still small but doing really really well, the lady is going to take us all a picture of him.. Isnt that nice...LisaA

Ness said...

You look fabulous Jodi


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