Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 347...... Scrapping all day!!!

Look at these gorgeous bags waiting for us this morning!! Awesome!!
Well the scrapathon is on..... how many will we do???

Layout one with the Fab K & Co papers!!! Yummo "Cheeky Monkey"Layout 2 - A class with Kerry.... I cant show you the whole layout as its been accepted for publishing... Kerrys layout that is... not mine!!! LOL
This is my daily photo... Here i am with SueZ.... I met Susan last year atyberscrap Rereat!.t
Layout 3 "Precious".. This has heaps of Kindy glitz on it.
Layout 4... Boys and their Toys
This is one from thursday night.... "Our Love Grows"
Layout 5 "Flat Out"... This is from the Scraparooney Pack for June

Layout 6 "Just Haning Round" This is my photo swap with Neena at ScrapwithV.

Layout 7 - "Driving Miss Emelia"
Finally here is Ness & Kerry!!! This is payback time!! Notice the jarmies on Kerry!! Haha!!!
Seeya tomorrow... have to try to beat 7 layouts

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 346... What a day!!!

God what a day!!!!
it started at 12.30 last, night when i got a frantic call from my brother!!!
He was frantic about his daughter!!! Poor guy !!
Then i couldnt sleep because i was worried about him....
Woke up and got dressed and went to airport to pick up KerryM
Didnt see the domestic turminal sign did i!! I went to the International. So im lined up at the Brumbies to get a coffee and im thinking "bloody nora, theres lots of like japanese or somthing here... and why do they have the currency exchange?? Weird!!!"... yeh wrong place!!!
So i tried to get out of the car park... another story!!! counldnt get out!
I left a frantic colourful message om Kerrys mobile....
rushed out of the car park.... and look all those domestic termal signs just appear!!
So i finally get there and thank god the plane was running late!! Whew!!

Then we did a bit of shopping. Found alovely pair of shoes.....$295.. Hey, that just aint happening... do you know how much scrap stuff that will buy??

I put the restort into the nav man and up comes Tracys address!! 15kms away!! Awesome!! I know where im having tea tonight!!!

We finally get to the car to go to the resort!!!! What resort!!! Damned if we could find it.....
After half an hour found it!!!

So heres my daily photo. On the balcony of the penthouse room complete with 2 spas!!
Its blowing a gale!!!
Day 346......

Anyway, finally unpacked and stuff!!! So before i went to sleep, i decided to head out to Traceys
Here i am with KerryM

Look at this gorgeous kid!! Hes my new boyfriend!! Alex!!!
Here is Mady and Alex!! Lovely Kids!! We are having a sleep over on Tuesday!!! Awesome!!
Me and Madi
Me!! Im very happy!!! Madi took this photo!!!
Here is me and Trac!!! Madi took this photo. Shes quite the photographer!!!

So theres my day!!!

Had a lovely spa, so im all relaxed and ready for bed!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 345!!!! IM HERE!!!!

Here I am leaving town!!
Its 6.00am!!! The sun hasnt yet risen.....
I have my NavMan ready to go!! And we are heading to Brisbane!!

Look how misty it was!!! You could barely see through it in place.... so eary!!!
This is just out of Barabra... I think!! It was very early!!!!
I arrived at Kat & petas just after lunch!!
I read a whole book during my drive and started on another one!!
Books on the ipod are an excellent way to make a long trip!!! I listened to someone read to me and it was totally wonderful!!! great book too! i forget what it was though. Ian Mc Something...
I also got started on the first Harry potter book. But i wont get the rest of them. The first book was like $40 on itunes and the last is $200!! Ahh, that wont be happening thankyou!! but the reader is great!! He does all the voices!! Hagred is just like the movies!!

Peta, after a long day in the school rooms, prepared a wonderful lamb roast while Kat and I talked!!!! She did it so effortlessly!!! And it was superb!!!
we enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine..... and then yummo brownies for desert!!!!

Here we all are after several drunken attempts at doing the whole set and stay still for 10 seconds thing!!!

this is the gorgeous Kat and Peta, who after being cyberfriends for a year, i met last year! And i was looking so forward to staying at their place this time!! Awesome chickies!!!

So girls, thats day one of jodis big adventure!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update!! Where we will have heaps of new charactors joining in!!!

Seeya then

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 344.... Only 1 more sleep!!! Yay!!!

I cant believe its come around FINALLY!!!
Retreat TIME!! Yay!!!
This weekend (Leaving tomorrow) i am off to Clearwater Resort Caloundra for the weekend scrapbooking!!
I am also teaching a class which is a bit scary!!
ALso very exciting is that i am staying with my wonderful cyberfriends Kat & Peta for a couple/few nights!! How great!!
Then i am having the next 10 days with my Friend Michelle and also attending the Papercraft Expo in Brisbane on the long weekend!!
ALSO, really excited about this!! I am going to the BIG BROTHER COCKTAIL PARTY AND EVICTION!!! YAY!!!
12 days away total!!!
But i will keep you up to date! Stus lined me up with a laptop and mobile internet access!!! Yep, we are geeks!!

Here is the finished layout that i started yesterday!!
"Puppy Play"
From Pips DOuble Up Pack May

Here is my daily photo.... Day 344
See the cute puppy!!!!
This is Mums latest addition to the family... this one and a cute little white one!!
They aer labrador/Silky cross breed... very odd??

Here is Mum.... *thats a much better smile!!
And here is rastus!!!! So cute!! The white one is Polar!!
So, thats the day today!

Off to have tea and finish packing. I think im up to Bag number 10!! 6 of them is scrapping stuff!!!

Seeya tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 343.... Scaparooney Day!!!

Got all the housework done... so today is MINE!!!!
Brenda is having her "Scraparooney" day at the club today!! How exciting!! From 10 - 3... scrapbook all day!!!
Here i am, all geared up and ready to go
Day 343......
Here we all are at the Club... This isnt everyone!! There are a few people missing!! But look at the mess we made!!

Here is Jack, very happy with the way the day is going!!!
Heres Jack and Brenda.....
All us girls.....
Me and Mum!! Too funny!! The instructions were simple.... "Mum, dont smile like an old person"!! Simple enough!!! No!!!
It took like 10 photos to get a half decent one!!! Too funny!! Thank god for digital cameras!!!
Here are the layouts i did today...
Here is one from Pips Double Pack for May...
"Daddy Loves You"

Here is a layout from the Sissy Pack...
"Its just so like You Know" (Does anyone else have a teenage daughter that says so little in so many words!!!???)
I shared it all around today.....

And another layout from the May Sissy Pack
"Mothers Day 08"

So that was my huge day today....

Left the clib and picked up emelia, took her to the hair dressers, did some debt collecting, drop off gas bottles, picked up emelias work clothes, dropped her to work, took all my layout photos, cooked tea and ate and now blogging!!!!

Seeya tomorrow!!! Only 2 more sleeps!! Yay!!

Day 342.... Sadie, the cleaning lady!!!

Thats me today... Sadie!!!
I gotta get the house cleaned, washing and ironing done so i can scrap tomorrow!!!
SO off i go!!!
Photo for the day - Day 342....

Here is a layout i have done from the May Sissy Pack .

How great was this pack this month!!!

This layout is called "Shine"

Thats is for today...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 341... Nothing to see here folks....

Well, its been a bit of a boring old day...
I was crook all night with this cold coughing and hacking and carrying on!!! Horrible
So when Stu got up to go to archery, i stayed in bed and read for a while, then i got hungry and runny nose was annoying me, so i got up and had breakie and took some more pills and went back to bed... Had a sleep... Got out about 10 and then moped around. Had a shower at about 1.30 and moped around for the rest of the day.
Here is my dailey photo day 341...

I started doing my funkstreet designs album today and really struggling with it. I will finish it, but i dont like it.....
Thats all my news. Seeya tomorrow... cough... hack... cough!!


I finished my album: ( Not that happy with it.... too many colours!! Thats what i get for doing this when i am sick!!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 340....... Thank god its Saturday

Not really.... thats when the work starts for me!!
Had 3 functions on today, so have been in the shed all day!!
Here is one of them - just a balloon one.
This one was for a marsquarade ball....
Like the mask i made!! The customer was stoked with it!!
Here is a layout i got half way through before i started on the other album.... I got sick of it then, so just waked a huge title on the empty spot and bobs your uncle!! Done!!Here is me today....
Photo for the day 340....
Its late, i forgot to take it today!!

I discoved from Oprah Yesterday that my dress style is "fromperdinkle"!!! Too funny!! But thats me to a tea - especially in winter!!

I live in jeans and jerseys!! Thats all and mostly pink ones!!! Or pink and navy striped ones... So Oprah says i have to got out and get some new clothes!!! We only need one pair of jeans apparently!!! Like i have maybe 7 pairs!! one for everyday of the week!!!

Something to work on.....

Seeya Sunday!!

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