Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 319.... Gearing up for the Interclub Challenge

Here is todays photo... gettin ready to practise for tomorrows interclub challenge with Tamworth!! I love going to Tamworth for archery - they are really great blokes!!!
So Day 319....

I had to take a photo of the archery fashion!!! Really OHS compliant arnt i??? Plus the odd shoes??? LOLNow this is a laugh!!!!

Last night saw the start of the ScrapwithV cybercrop.

The DT challenge by Ardoo was to do a layout inspired by an add from a magazine... but not a scrapbooking, hobby or craft one....

I told them of my plight being the only mags left after that was Motorbike Mags or Ralph and i certainly cant use a condom add!!

Well, let me just say the dare was out there wasnt it..... So here is the add i used!!!

And here is my layout!!!
Not quite as naughty as they were hoping for i bet?? But i am a lady after all!!!!

The CyberScraps Celebrate 2008 challnege is continuing...

Here is Challenge 12 - What is your dream for 2008....

Challenge 11 - Worst Day of 2008.... Thats an esy one. It followed directly after the best day!!!

So thats me....

Seeya tomorrow!!

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