Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 317 - THE SAUSAGE QUEEN!!!!!

A Huge thank you to WB Meats for being such great sports!!!
When i told them the yarn, they thought it was the funnies thing to be involved in!!!!
SO when in Gunnedah, pull up and visit the wonderful poeple at WB Meats, Barbar st. Tell them the sausage queen sent you!!!

And here is the photo...
Kerry and Belindas dare was to go down to the local butchers in your nightie with no hair and make up done and have your photo taken holding a sausage!!! So here we are
Day 317.... Sausage Queen

Too funny. Shop full of customers!! One bearded customer came into the shop and announced that this must be a photo of the sausage queen for the paper.... Ummm, not quite.. but a good name for the blog today!!

Here are a couple of recent layouts. This one took all of 20 minutes!!


"On the road"
So thats my day today....

Im now working on the handcuffed to the front of the police station dare....


Joanne said...

Love it, I thought that dare was going to be a hard on but you did it.I havent laughed so much in years watching you do your dares.

Tracey said...

OMG I can't believe you went to the butchers in your PJ’s what a laugh. Definitely the SAUSAGE QUEEN.

Jackie said...

Well done Jodi...mission accomplished !!

kerry said...

Jodi thats too funny you are the sausage queen pmsl.Well done we are proud of you way to go .And very impressed indeed.Chat soon take care Kerry xx

Karlene said...

Oh Jodi you crack me up!!! That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and you gave me a much needed laugh thats for sure! You rock girl!!

Karlene xx


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