Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 340....... Thank god its Saturday

Not really.... thats when the work starts for me!!
Had 3 functions on today, so have been in the shed all day!!
Here is one of them - just a balloon one.
This one was for a marsquarade ball....
Like the mask i made!! The customer was stoked with it!!
Here is a layout i got half way through before i started on the other album.... I got sick of it then, so just waked a huge title on the empty spot and bobs your uncle!! Done!!Here is me today....
Photo for the day 340....
Its late, i forgot to take it today!!

I discoved from Oprah Yesterday that my dress style is "fromperdinkle"!!! Too funny!! But thats me to a tea - especially in winter!!

I live in jeans and jerseys!! Thats all and mostly pink ones!!! Or pink and navy striped ones... So Oprah says i have to got out and get some new clothes!!! We only need one pair of jeans apparently!!! Like i have maybe 7 pairs!! one for everyday of the week!!!

Something to work on.....

Seeya Sunday!!

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