Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 335.... Doncha hate Mondays??

I dont really hate Mondays, its just that i can never plan for a Monday. Just when i think i have a plan for MOnday - the phone will ring and then everything is in upheaval!!!
I planned a day at home cleaning today becuase tomorrow Im going out to Brendas scrapping...
Then the courier turned up....
No, im off to tamworth to build lotto arches.....
So Mum and I packed ourselves off to Tamworth to build a couple of arches today...
Heres one at Shopping world
And one in Peel street.
Then when i got home at 5.30, i had balloon deliveries that i couldnt do during the day, then picked up emelia from dancing, bought a dead chook for tea and came home to eat. The had to clean the house as i am still going to Brendas tomorrow..... (shhh.... I get a sneak peak at next months pack... but dont tell anyone... hehehehehe)
So now i have finished cleaning the house and stripping beds, i had to take my daily photo... I look like shite, so i have the book that i am reading!!!
Finally our long lost love Jamie is back in the picute.... *dreamily - ah Jamie, so big, so strong, so lovely!!!!*
So here is my photo today.. day 335

Hopefully I will have some layouts for you tomorrow.
Im taking Pips May double up pack out there and am working on that.
Look, its just too easy, everything is there along with a design. Its a no brainer!!!
Seeya tomorrow!!!

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Meg said...

I hope you had a good day out at Brenda's house and did lots of scrappin cheers Meg


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