Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 339.... An Early post

Thought id get in early today, as i really need to get the ironing done and i have a class tonight at Cyberscraps, so its now or never...

I finished my little book!!! And i am really happy with the finished product!!
Its called "Who are you"
When Josh was a little bloke, he was so funny. He would be a different charactor everyday. He would wake and say "Im biker mice from Mars today, can you make me a costume mum?"
So then i would spend the next half hour making a biker mice costume and off hed go.... I would have to refer to him as Biker Mice otherwise he wouldnt answer me.... He was so cute and confident!!!
As he got older he sort of lost that spontonaity and fun kinda personality.... Hes 18 in December and we are hoping that when he gets past these teenage years, he will get some of that sense of fun back again....
But anyway, here is the album:
This is the whole thing.
I made up a compase overlay for that middle section
I have also used a plasic mesh that gas battles are in and painted it black as embellies and page incerts.

Here are one of the page incerts... DOes a great job i think!!
This is another overlay.... Its a pirate map... sort of his Map to adulthood..
The back page....
So thats it in part....
Quite happy with it.

And now my daily photo..
Seeing as i havnt done anything yet - its too early and cold....
My photo is at the tree again.... yeh yeh Kerry i know!! Boring as!!!
Day 339...


Hope you all have a great day!!


Joanne said...

Love the album, my son use to pretend to be different characters as well at 20 I sometimes ask if he remembers and he gives me a strange look and quickly says no!
but secretly I think he does.

Meg said...

You have been a busy girl the album...

Jolene Pienaar said...

awesome mini book Jodi!

For my distressed edges I use a HS distressor and then after that I roughen up certain areas just by using my fingers and tearing it a bit and folding it over. Keep trying ;)


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