Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 345!!!! IM HERE!!!!

Here I am leaving town!!
Its 6.00am!!! The sun hasnt yet risen.....
I have my NavMan ready to go!! And we are heading to Brisbane!!

Look how misty it was!!! You could barely see through it in place.... so eary!!!
This is just out of Barabra... I think!! It was very early!!!!
I arrived at Kat & petas just after lunch!!
I read a whole book during my drive and started on another one!!
Books on the ipod are an excellent way to make a long trip!!! I listened to someone read to me and it was totally wonderful!!! great book too! i forget what it was though. Ian Mc Something...
I also got started on the first Harry potter book. But i wont get the rest of them. The first book was like $40 on itunes and the last is $200!! Ahh, that wont be happening thankyou!! but the reader is great!! He does all the voices!! Hagred is just like the movies!!

Peta, after a long day in the school rooms, prepared a wonderful lamb roast while Kat and I talked!!!! She did it so effortlessly!!! And it was superb!!!
we enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine..... and then yummo brownies for desert!!!!

Here we all are after several drunken attempts at doing the whole set and stay still for 10 seconds thing!!!

this is the gorgeous Kat and Peta, who after being cyberfriends for a year, i met last year! And i was looking so forward to staying at their place this time!! Awesome chickies!!!

So girls, thats day one of jodis big adventure!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update!! Where we will have heaps of new charactors joining in!!!

Seeya then


kerry said...

Hi Jodi good to see that you got there safe and well see you bright and early this morning MWah.take care Kerryxx

Joanne said...

That didnt seem to take a long time to get there. I was a bit worried when you said you read a book on the way I thought you may have had cruise control lol. Cant wait to hear what you do next.

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