Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 330... Busy busy but nothing accomplished

Well, today was very busy - not long home and nothing has been done!!
Left to drop emelia off at like 8.40 then went to PO, then met Brenda for Breakie!!!
At 10.00 had to do canteen duty with Mum at the school until 1.30pm.
Bought everyone home and then off to have the nails done at 2.00.
Not long home now and have put the washing on, will soon get tea on and try to catch up on some ironing while tea is cooking....
Busy day tomorrow too.... I have to resign to the fact that the house just aint gonna get cleaned this week!!
Anyway, here is todays photo... day 330!!!!

Here is something interesting...
At Scrap with V, i have the inspirational challenge this week.

Have you ever stopped at the reaiolway crossing and watched the frieght carrages go past.....
Some of that graffiti is awesome!! They are so talented with a spray can.

So my challenge to any that want to accept it, is to find some graffiti and use it as inspiration for a layout!!!

Here is the graffiti.... I found it on the internet somewhere!!!

And here is my layout.... "L<3v Ur eyes"
This was my first attempt at this kinda layout.... Im pretty happy with it...
Seeya tomorrow...


Brenda said...

I'm impressed this layout is super fantastic!!!

Tracey said...

What a grreat layout It looks fantastic

kerry said...

hey thats a fantastic idea Jodi and it looks wonderful clever little chick.take care Kerryxx


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