Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 321.... I so hate Mondays!!!

Its cleaning day today and i didnt even get to have breaky before the crap started!!!! Infact I still havnt unpacked the dishwasher from last night... DIdnt even get a chance to cook tea!!! The crap just hasnt stopped!!!
The day started with a trip to the police station and it wasnt for my daily photo dare!! Although i was kicking myself for not taking my camera!!!
Then interviews with school teachers and stuff!!!
Hence my daily photo!! Day 321... Yeh, bring on Tuesday!!!
So thats it....
Dont forget to check out Brenda's Scraparooney packs!!! They will be up soon!!!! Im so waiting with bated breath!!! I cant even breathe Im so excited!!!
Stop by ScrapwithV blog for my technique this week... Paper Flowers!!!
See ya tomorrow when hopefully things will be much much better.... although with the start we will be getting tomorrow - i doubt it will be good!! :(

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I hope all is well after your trip to the Police Station, Keep up the good scrapping....Lisa


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