Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue Moon Doillie Challenge

I thought this was a fun challenge to do
Its the Vintage Doillie Challenge..
Yep, there are my doillies
A Basic Grey one and a paper one....
"A Family Gathers"
That adorable little possum in the blue twin suit is me!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Born to Create Sketch Challenge - January

Here is my Born2create
January Sketch Challenge
Remember when i used to be a biker.....
i was so scared of this thing!!
I rode from Gunnedah to Tamworth via Quirindi
and i had a few scares!!
I am way too panicked to be a biker!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scrap Theray - Blind Scrap

Allie from Scrap Therapy
hosted a Blind Scrap last night..
Here is my layout
"Riding Cross Country"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i heart faces Week 4 - Texture

I heart is having a texture challenge
this week
Well, i tried to play with the whole
Photoshop Texture thing
and yeh, aint happening...
So i cropped a photo that already had natural texture...
Cropped quite alot so its not that clear..
But anyway...
Here it is.....
Visit their blog and check the other
great textured photos...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New A2Z Scraplets Layouts

Here are some layouts
for A2Z Scraplets.
Scraplet Word "Happy 3"
"A Happy Couple"
(Not any more though....)
Shapes Scraplets "Wedding Bells"
"My Wish List"
For other wonderful layouts from the DT
Click here

Australia Day 2010

About the closest i got to Australia Day Celebrations today
were decorating the Awards Ceremony last night
These columns were a hit..
They went from the awards, to the nationalisation ceremony
today and then one to the Nursing home
and the other to the Aged Care Hostel.
Beats putting a pin in them....
Emelia has been at the pool all day
but its so hot
So i caught up on some ironing,
scrapping and some blogging..

A combined 50th Birthday Celebration.....

So, does that make it 100 Years then???
WOW!!! lol
Here is Vaughn & Mariann
both celebrating their 50th Birthday!!
We went out there for a Luncheon on Sunday!
It was so hot!
But they had a lovely spot setup out the back
with the breeze...
This is their family...
Gorgeous girls..
And here is the cake the girls made..
I made some cards.
Im getting better with the cards i think..
I dont put the war paint on that often
so i thought id better take a piccie..
And look at the height of my sandals
I dont wear anything higher than a jogger usually!
Ive got very bad ankles..
But i managed to stay upright
even with some cruisers under the belt!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shabby Chic, Butterflies and Bows Challenge - January

Here is the new challenge for
The criteria is:
white and gold ...
lots of bling
and a music sheet or xmas poem ...
Here is my layout:
I have music pp, and a poem, lots of bling and white and gold...
"Music for the Soul"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Prima BAP Challenge - January

Back to the grind....
Here is my
Prima BAP for January....
A little different for me in that none of my papers
and embellies match like id like them to.
But that was the point...
Experimenting with that style they talked about in SM
last month...
Forget what its called....
Emelia likes this layout,
especially the title..
She says "It is like your flying!!"

"Learning to Fly"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coona Photos - Camp Dolbel

We are home again!!
Got home yesterday afternoon after pulling down camp Dolbel..
Its all very exciting setting up
but pulling down is a bit of a job!!!
Emelia did show jumping and cross country
and honestly, these instructors
who were on the olympic team or olympic instructors themselves
were so positive and refreshing!!!!
Rather than criticizing the horse and
saying how bad he his,
they actually taught her how to ride him
properly using leg aids
and hand aids rather than jerking at his mouth!!
With this kind of training its going to make riding Solo
so much safer and pleasurable!!
So the best money i have ever spent!!
And not once did we hear "This horse will kill her"
We heard lots of "This horse has so much potential"
And then they showed her how to get the most out of him
even getting on him themselves so they can experience what he is doing, so they could teach Emelia how to correct it!!!
I cant speak highly enough for this course!!!
Emelia was in with a varied group of people,
including two adults.
All of whom has been riding their whole lives
and here is Emelia two years into her riding career
and learning at their level and excelling
honestly, a mother couldn't be prouder!!!
ANd also, she is graded D grade by persuasion by us...
She was actually jumping and clearing B Grade!!!
Here are some photos...

He wasnt a fan of jumping into the water though.. This is where the instructor got on him!!
This was a B Grade jump
Look at this one!!
They are flying!!
He is so tiny and the only horse to get a clear round even with much bigger horses.. Like 16 hands!! Solo is 14 hands...
He didn't mind coming out of the water
I cant wait now to see where this eduction will take them!!

Scrapbook Masters Honerable Mention - Forever Frame Box

As you may know by now
I recieved an Honerable Mention
in the 2009 Scrapbook Memories Masters
for my Frame Box - Forever
So I thought id share some photos
and closer shots
as the Mag photo really doesn't do it justice...
Here it is.
In the magazine, i noticed some flowers
had came unstuck and all you see are big white circles
although i notice in the mag
that i wasn't the only person this happened too!!!
SO here is the fixed version

The photo is actually done using layers...
I have used the base photo
and then about 6 layers
with each layer cutting more and more
from the photo
kinda like paper tole.
And the flowers and swirls are tucked between the layers
to create a look of us standing
in a garden
And its called "Forever"
cause hopefully we will be together for that long.....
Im going to check any blogs of the Masters now
I am totally inlove with the work of a couple of them.
I have to tell you, i am so impressed with some of the projects
and i feel so privilidges that i was classed
amongst some of the other brilliant HM's.

Featured Layout on Prima

How awesome that my layout has been featured
on the PRIMA blog for the
December Build A Page....
My friend Ness got the top spot
Im thinking that maybe she should share it round.... lol
Im so pleased she has though, what a thrill
go check her layout out here

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coona Day 2

We are roasted!!!
I put sunscreen on today for the first time
and i got burnt so bad!!!
Honestly, i think suncreen just attracts the rays with some people
normally i just go brown!!!!

I took a heap of video today
not many photos though...
Poor Solo is so tired!!!
This is how tired he is...
Bareback in a bridle...
He ain't going anywhere he don't have to!! lol
Ok, thats it for me again....

Week 3 - I heart photos - We are family

I heart faces this week
Is "We are Family"
But im not at home with all the family,
and i am working from our travel lap top
So i have had to improvise with a "Self Portrait Facebook style" photo
of the family i have available...
So here is Emelia, Solo and I
Straight of the camera... there is no photoshop on this one.....
Go check out the other entries here

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eventing Clinic at Coonabarabran...

Well, here we are at Camp Dolbel.....
We are camped out at the local showground..
Starting to get used to this again, but as you can see, we are quite ruffing it!!
We are using Mum & Kens little van, We have power, which means i could straighten my hair this morning!!! It gets so poofy!!!
I am in the van and Emelia is in the tent...
Quite a good little camp...
The dunny and showers are behind us..

We are here for a 3 day eventing clinic with Solo.
Just to have a play, nothing serious...
They are doing dressage at the moment..
So not a spectator sport, so i am here updating for you guys...

We took him out to the cross country course yesterday which is public access..
Its a great little course...

Then today we went out with the instructor...
He was pretty good, until we got to the water jump!!
Which we did take him to look at yesterday
and he did jump it after some carry on
But today he put on quite a show!!
Jumping out wasnt a problem...
But jumping in!!!
Well, he didnt like that one bit!!
But he did it eventually!!!

Then ended on a good note....So all in all he wasnt too bad...

Im so missing scrapping though.. I didnt bring anything with me at all!! I bought a book which i finished last night because i couldnt sleep.... There are no books in Coonabarabran. But i did find a coffee shop which sold scrapping stuff... But it was all really old stuff... Like 2007 Kaiser....
Dunno what i am going to do tonight..
Although Stu did have a suggestion!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

See my mum in this months Scrapbook Creations

Mum was stoked when she found out this layout was accepted for publishing!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Final Scrapbooking Masters Reject Article....

My final MASTERS reject item is my shape layout.....
I totally adore this!
And it took days for me to complete..
Yes thats all hand embroidery around the bear...
Its made from felt and pp.
The photo sits out from the layout on board...
And then embellished as a normal layout...
I still love it!!
Would make an awesome gift.. but im gonna keep it....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Scrapbook Memories MASTERS rejects.....

You will see the NON REJECT ITEM
in this month MASTERS EDITION!!
It was my mystery Item...
Dont know what page yet, but will let you know when i do...
Page 121.. Thanks Julie!!

This layout is my Double
"Rock Diva"
I still really like this layout.
Its my favourite double layout that's for sure...

Tomorrow is my shape layout
Its really really cute!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Scrapbok Memories MASTERS Rejects....

Ive just got a message from the beautiful Lindy telling me that details are up on SM Forum about what has been published in the MASTERS MAG.

So does this now mean i can share my projects???

Ok, i will do it one at a time...

Here is my Single layout
"A Promise"
Looking at this now, its just so not me...
Funny how our styles change so much
I think this was the beginning of my experiment with bulky layouts...

Come back for another project tomorrow....
Might do the double layout i think....
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