Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coona Photos - Camp Dolbel

We are home again!!
Got home yesterday afternoon after pulling down camp Dolbel..
Its all very exciting setting up
but pulling down is a bit of a job!!!
Emelia did show jumping and cross country
and honestly, these instructors
who were on the olympic team or olympic instructors themselves
were so positive and refreshing!!!!
Rather than criticizing the horse and
saying how bad he his,
they actually taught her how to ride him
properly using leg aids
and hand aids rather than jerking at his mouth!!
With this kind of training its going to make riding Solo
so much safer and pleasurable!!
So the best money i have ever spent!!
And not once did we hear "This horse will kill her"
We heard lots of "This horse has so much potential"
And then they showed her how to get the most out of him
even getting on him themselves so they can experience what he is doing, so they could teach Emelia how to correct it!!!
I cant speak highly enough for this course!!!
Emelia was in with a varied group of people,
including two adults.
All of whom has been riding their whole lives
and here is Emelia two years into her riding career
and learning at their level and excelling
honestly, a mother couldn't be prouder!!!
ANd also, she is graded D grade by persuasion by us...
She was actually jumping and clearing B Grade!!!
Here are some photos...

He wasnt a fan of jumping into the water though.. This is where the instructor got on him!!
This was a B Grade jump
Look at this one!!
They are flying!!
He is so tiny and the only horse to get a clear round even with much bigger horses.. Like 16 hands!! Solo is 14 hands...
He didn't mind coming out of the water
I cant wait now to see where this eduction will take them!!

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