Monday, January 4, 2010

Diet Tip

Im just going to relate a person experiment that i have been conducting over the last two weeks..
Yes, over christmas!!!
Sucker for punishment i know!!

Anyway, before christmas i was having lots of trouble walking on my feet with pins and needles and my legs ached all the time!!!
I was just getting bigger and bigger despite my constant exercising and thinking i was eating the right things....
When i went on Jenny Craig a few years ago, i was to swap sugar for equal and drink diet coke rather than other softdrinks.
I was never a real soft drink drinker, but as it was suggested i replaced equal with all sugar as well as other foods with no sugar (that have a sugar supplement)
Anyway, this was my diet for years....
And i was still getting bigger.

Anyway after having to quit my walk one day as my legs ached far too much, i got on the internet and did some research.
I found that Equal and Diet coke contain


So i ditched it totally!!!!
In the two weeks since i have stopped having sweetners in my diet and drinking diet coke
i have lost
12 cm from my waist alone!!!!
In two weeks over christmas!!!!
As far as im concerned thats proof enough to leave that stuff alone!!
I now use Splenda in my coffee only (Done the research, this one is fine)
and drink soda water that does have some salt in it but no more that you would find in most bottled waters..

Thats just my experience..
Something to think about if you are getting bigger with no reason!!

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Lisa A said...

Thank you for that tip.....You are the best

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