Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Saturday

Its been a quiet old day today..
We went to a freinds place for drinks last night as his boys are back from College, but are heading out again on Sunday. They dont get home very often as they are at the top of Qld. Anyway, one of the boys used to go away with Stu and a heap of others and they would always have so much fun with this kid!! Anyway, he is a few years older now and last night was payback!!! He stitched Stu up good and proper!! Stu is as sick as a dog today!! Too Funny!! But it was a great night!!!

So things are slow here today..
So i completed the Sketch Challenge over at SCrap Therapy for their cybercrop..
Have you checked it out yet?
Some great challenges....
Here is mine:
"Fly high and Soar"

Also this afternoon we went to see
I must admit, i havent seen the shorts..
I went into this completely unaware of what to expect.
My son told me its just so sad!!! Take tissues....
I wont say anymore, but it was a great 3 hours!!!
Visually spectacular that's for certain!!!
Kinda reminded me of the kids movie
with the fairy and Glass House Mountains a few years ago
what was that movie..
Fern Gully - The Last Rainforest....


phillipa said...

Fab LO Jode and you have spiked my interest in that movie now, LOL!

Brigitte said...

ohh looove that LO Jodi !!
and saw AVATAR as well...i just looooooved it !! long movie but sooo worth it !! :)

Brigitte G.

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