Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 58... Thanks for your Well Wishes

I got so many well wishes about my finger...
Thanks so much to all for your concern!!!
I had a few nice thoughful suggestions,
  • maybe id like to borrow Brenda's 6 year old daughters scissors to use rather than the big bad sharp ones!! (Theres an idea!!)
  • I was told i take the award for the worst scrapping injury!!! (Its always nice to be good at something!!!!)

But its healing up nicely now.

I can type with it now, and do my hair!! Although this mornings efforts were much to be desired!!! I had to get Emelia to do it!!! It took me 2 hours to blow up 20 minutes worth of balloons!!! But by tonight, i have bent, pulled and stretched it enough thats its pretty functional now!!!

This layout is the culprit!!! And look at it!! Its bloody ugly anyway!! Im so cranky!! And the flowers i was cutting when i cut my finger i didnt even end up using!! GRRR!!
It was for Februarys 123 Challenge.....
Shape base, but not a circle or a square
Nature Theme
No hearts!!!!
Look what mine has!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! How frustrating!!!!

I did this congratulatory balloon and flowers today!! Im not much of a floral arranger kinda person. But these turned out ok.Here i am today.
I still have to weigh myself. I meant to, just didnt get around to it.
Although i do feel that i havnt lost any, but put it on!!!
I think because i havnt been eating and now i am, its just gone BANG!!!
I suppose my metabalism will adjust!!! WHo knows!!
Im off to Tamworth tomorrow for the motorbike riding school!!!
But my bike is still in Bundaburg!! We havnt had time to get it yet.
Stus hoping to have it here before my birthday on March 10th!!
So am i!!
I only need to be on my L's for a week. Or for as long as it take to book into the P's riding school....
Look out world!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 57.... Its been a bit of a bloody day today!!!!

Some one is trying to make me cry today!! LOL
It started off with a trip to the Dentist... always a good start!!
I have a crown on my front tooth that came loose, so i had to have the root drilled out and then the crown hammered into place again... all good for a while!!!
The the dentist gave me the bad news. He recommended that my had working back tooth (singular!!) needs to have a crown too.... $1200!!! Ok?? I will talk to Sty before i make that appointment!!!
Then i came home after i got all my jobs done and decided to get the 123 Challenge done before i run out of time!!!!
I was cutting away with a pair of scissors, cutting flowers from a wire stem using my new fiskars scissors which are the biggest waste of money and what i blame for my incident!!!
And i cut the flowers and also the skin from my nuckle!!!!
I grabbed a tissue and todl Stu "I gotta go to the hospital!!!"
"Oh no!!! I forgot to take a photo!!!"
But Stu had his phone on him!!!
Here is the damage!!

You cant really see, but its cut right down to the bone!!!

The doctor gave me two stiches and a tetnus shot!!! Now i am ok for tetnus, whooping cough and diptheria!!! LOL
SO i have bandaged it up and put a splint on it!

I went down to the paddock this arvo to get some photos for my corse..
Emelia got some great shots.. Solo looks like he is saying something very important here!!! Too funny!!

Im still working on my Rule of Thirds shot... Here are another couple of goes...
Todays food on Jenny was lovely! I had chicken parmagarma for tea!! Yummo!!!
I havnt jumped on the scales yet, and i havnt been walking either!! Very naughty!! This week has been so busy!!!
Here is my photo today!! Displaying my finger proudly!!!
Seeya tomorrow night!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I had the best time tonight!!!

As i mentioned earlier, i had a balloon class tonight to teach...
i wasnt in the best frame of mind..
The last incident i had with a group didnt turn out well at all, so i didnt know what to expect at all...
But i had the best night!!
So much fun!
Everyone laughed and had a great time!
I had ladies fron Gunnedah, Narrabir, Boggabri, Wee Waa, Quirindi and Werris Creek!!! How awesome is that!!!
Here are some photos of the fun!!!
Des made some "Very Interesting" balloons through the night!!!
Gilly was a scream, with lots of fun and creativity!!!

These girls also came up with some very interesting creations!!!
We had a wonderful supper with no many taste delights and also awards at the end of the night!!
The girls took heaps of balloons home to play with at the end of the night - so the fun will continue!!!

Day 55...... Dont talk to me!!!

Eer had those days when your just so anti -social!!!
I new i shouldnt have gotten out of bed this monring!!!
Just so down, but i know its pre mentral!! Doenst help the fact that it happens every month though....Grrr!!!
Met the girls for coffee today too, so it should have been a nice day!! :(
But to top it off, Im teaching a class tonigh to 32 Family Day Care Mums!!!
Teaching balloon twisting!!!
Better brighten up the mood soon hey!!!
So i took the camera out and tried to start on my photography course homework...
Homework 1:
Rule of the Thirds....
Pretend there is a grid in your picture for placement of your subject...
Hard to explain..
But this is todays efforts. - this wont be the final one though, just playing!!!

Homework 2:
Focus on the foreground then on the backgroud with your autofocus..
Same photo, but a different look

Clear Foreground...
Clear Background

Here is me today!!!!
Another yummy j/c day today....

Hopefully some scrapping tomorrow - I need a happy place!!! :)

Day 54...... But Day 1 on Jenny

Start of Jenny Craig today...
I havnt eaten so much in two months!!!!!
Very enjoyable palatable day!!!

Had photography class tonight. Starting to learn heaps now.. but still very slowly!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 53..... another new start!!!

Well, as i said yesterday, I went to see the lovely Fiona from Jenny Craig today.....
I wil go back on that, as i know it worked!!!
And that being the case
I shall promise myself the following:
  • I WILL NOT listen to other poeple about what THEY think of the Jenny Craig system!!! It works for me ok!!!!
  • I will NOT feel guilty about spending all that money on my food and being the only person in the house that has food!!! (I dont like food shopping ok!!lol)
  • This is MY JOURNEY, and i am not going to let anyone SABOTAGE it!! Including myself!!! You hear me Jodi!!! Im talking to you!!!!
  • Plus the other stuff i said yesterday!!!

Its so dissappointing, after 2 months on Slimmm, i have only lost about 3 kilos!! I have lost 5, but then it found me again.. And i was hungry everyday and lacked energy big time!!!!

So this is me today.......

I got a message this morning from Jackie from South Africa!!! So weird!! She said she was looking at the Scrapbooking Memories Mag in her scrapbooking shop and turned the page and saw me!!!
How awesome hey!!!

Here is a big of a failure layout i did last night when i was drugged with Panadine Forte!!! It happens. Its one of Pip Prossers Double up kits.

Off to TAFE tonight for the photography course.... Seeya tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 52.... Busy Day all round

Look at these beautiful arrows...
All in the A zonescoring a full 25 points!! Yay!!!
Today the one round i scored 96/100!!
Very happy.
I came second over the weekend...Not too bad for not picking up a bow since November except for the fedw arrows i shot the other day!!!
My shoulder is paying for it though... :(

We came home at lunch time to find the kids out the back riding Solo.
Joshs friend Teagan who is experienced was showing Emelia how to stop Solo rearing up when he is doing the barrels.
Its so handy to have someone that can get on the horse and actually show Emelia what to do... It makes more sense to her....
Here is Teags teaching Solo a lesson!!

Last night i just wanted to do some pleasure scrapping. So i did this layout which is from Pip Prossers Double Up pack for February i think...
Buel Muster
I used an A2Z Scraplet motorbike too... cute hey!!!

You may have noticed that i havnt been posting weigh ins for the last couple of weeks... Yeh, about that!!! I have the weirdest body. I obviously need a certain amount of food for my body not to store fat. All Slimmm is doing is storing fat for me. I may have lsot weight, and i am starving all the time, but i feel huge and bulky!! Really horrible!!!

Then i saw this photo of me and dispite the fact that i have lost weight, i still look shoking!!!! I dont feel that good at all on Slimmm. No energy, lithargic, low brain function. etc etc.

So tomorrow im going back to Jenny Craig. Im gonna go back on that. It worked for me. It may not have been the best solution for everyone, but it did seam to work for me and i cant argue with that. I lsot 35 kilos on Jenny, and since going off it and trying "more healthier" diets, i have continually put it on or not lost anymore... In this last 12 months or so since going off jenny. I have tried:

WEight Watchers; Slimmm; Some special program for fat people I forget the name; another special visiualisation diet...... and none have worked.. Little successes but not the success i need!!!

I need to loose it by September!!! I want to loose 20 kilos by then!! Thats 7 months!! I cant be arsing around with failed programs anymore.... Ive been starting for 2 months and i have only lost 5 kilos!!! Not good enough!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sketch Challenge

Here is my submission for this months sketch at
Great sketch..
It was a bit different to use a circle photo too...

Day 52... Archery at Tamworth

As I mentioned yesterday, we headed to Tamworth EARLY this morning for Archey...
We shoot in rows of 18...
5 arrows each end with scoring a max of 25 points an end.
Each round worth 100 points.
This is what we were shooting

I wasnt expecting to go that well.... But at this stage i am even with Stuart.
We both scored 90 and 91 for the two rounds we did today.
We were home by lunch time, but back again tomorrow for another round and then the winners announcement.....
Here is my first end.... 1xX 2x5s and 2x4s a score of 23 out of 25
I didnt do a proper photo today... but Emelia took this sneaky one..
Nice photo of my braide!!!

So thats my HUGE day!!
Lots of photos.....
Seeya tomorrow for results!!!

R.I.P. Tweetie....

We lost our dear little bird today.....
Emelia heard Tweet fall of his perch and he started churping and couldnt get up again...
He has been sick for about a month.
He had a tumour growing out of his tummy... Poor thing.
He's been falling of his perch this last couple of weeks
and then really trying to climb back up again..
Hes been so sick..
But today when he fell of his perch, he hit his head and cried out (We havnt heard him talking for a while now)
Emelia rushed to him and got him out of the cage
and he slowly died in Stuarts hands as we comforted him...
It so sad...
He just slowly shut his eyes and went to sleep...

Tweet joined us just after we moved into this house in 2000.
I was driving along the road after the floods and found this little yellow bird being attacked by a crow!!
I pulled over and shooed the crow away and picked up the little bird who was in a bit of a mess,
I bought him home to Stu and we packed him into a shoe box expecting him to die overnight... as birds tent to do.
Even though he was in a bit of a mess, he survived..
He was obviously someones pet, as once he was starting to feel a little better, he would fly around the room and sit of stus shoulder, nibble on his ear and hide in his pocket...
But that didnt keep happening after a while, he sort of lost the plot a bit and just liked to stay in him box.
After a few weeks he obviously wasnt dieing in a hurry, so we bought him a little cage... with his injuries he shouldnt live long....
But he ended up living in that little cage for 8 years!!!!
Thats a huge amount of time for a bird!!!
We dont know how old he was when i found him, but he was old enough to be a bit trained...
We did advertise too that we'd found a lost bird, but no-one responded...
But today, he is gone....
We buried him in "Spots Rest" with all the other animals... guinie pigs, fish etc etc.

Emelia made a little headstone and placed a flower...
Tweet used to sit at the window and call to the birds...
I felt heaps of seeds ebing thrown at me after the buriel... I thought it was the kids.
But in the tree above "Spots Rest" (Spot was a guinie pig) there were four Parrots...
Very appropriate in celebrating the life of our little friend.. They were saying goodbye too...
Even Pancakes wanted in on the act...

RIP Tweet....

Magic Mushies.....

Emelia took the most awesome photos this last couple of days...
We have a little mushroom plantation since that last bit of rain..
As do most yards around ive notice...

But look at the angle she got for these photos...
Looks like its a fairy/pixie place!!!
Little baby mushies!!
Too Cute!!

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