Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 37.......

Guess what i have done today???
But i can only share one of the layouts.... :(
"Birthday Buzz"
See the cute little bees from A2Z Scraplets.... soo sweet!!!
Keep your eye out in June SM for anothe 4 layouts.....
But they will be hidden amoungst some adds!!! LOL
And another layout is to be loaded up to A2Z before i can share on my blog..
But you will see them all soon...

Weight in day today.... I chose to use yesterdays weight instead of todays!!! Stupid body!!! but also, i gained another cm!!! 164cm now!!! Too wierd!!

Its so hot today, 39 outside the office window!! In the shade!!! So I ran outside burning my feet to quickly get this photo done and then ran back!! LOL

Ive been picking a bit today... I think its hormonal though....

So thats it for me Seeya XX


lindy said...

great layout Jodi you sound like you were working like a beaver

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Your looking fantastic, wish i could say the same for myself, this thursday is weigh-in day for me its been 3 weeks since i weighed, love your layout, just got back from my walk and its hot already here


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