Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 48..............

Look at this cute delivery i did last night...
Isnt it lovely!!
It went to the sweetest guy....
Awwwwwww!!! LOL

Here is Josh in his wet weather gear....
The funniest, not haha funny, but still funny
thing happened today..I was over at Lloyds place buying some archery supplies for this weekend,
and i was sitting there having a cuppa with Greg and Lloyd and then we heard this aweful noise!!!!
Llyod lives in the street infront of us..
Lloyd says "Its probably Josh" (Being that Josh delviers their mail t00)
We ran out the front
and it WAS!!!
He'd stacked the posite bike going round the corner.
It was wet and very slippery!!!
Mail went all over!!!
Poor kid!
Hes got a bit of skin off. Had to come home for some first aid!!!
Thank goodness it was the postie bike and not his own bike!!!

Look at this yummy chicken!!
I cooked it myself!!
Have you ever tried the Woolies Microwave roast chickens!!!
The kids and Stu love these and they are so easy to cook.
They come already with spices and in a roasting bag.
You just put them in the microwave, bag and all and set on medium high for about 70 minutes from frozen!!
And it tastes devine!!
So easy!!

This is me..
Didnt do the Porky walk tonight as Stu came and he is having heart troubles so cant takle Porky until he gets the all clear from the Doctor tomorrow!!!
We are hoping all is ok.
He has a floppy heart valve that the Doctors said ten years ago will need to be replaced by the time he is 50.
But Stu has a really high stress job, and his wife is apparently pretty high maintenance, which i dont agree with!!
But it all contributes to his dodgy heart!!

Stu is 43 tomorrow!!!
That means its not long now until Im a year older!! Our birthdays are less than a month appart!!! Very sad:( I hate getting older!!


kerry said...

Hey Jodi i hope all goes well for Dtu and a very happy birthday to him too.Take care Kerryxx you hi maitenence i do not believe that hahaha Take care Kerryxx

lindy said...

No i don't believe you high maitenence either Jodi!!!!
Hapy Birthday to Stu tomorrow, hoping he gets the all clear from the docs

phillipa said...

Whoever said that Jode? They don't know what they are talking about do they??
Happy birthday to Stu for tomorrow.
You're lookin' good girl!!!!!

Cottage Rose said...

happy birthday Stu
he might have less stress if he gave up his high maintence wife and just lived with the easy going wife instead. Havent they outlawed bigamy in Gunnedah yet? LOL


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