Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 49....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY STU!!!!

Stu celebrated his 43rd Birthday today......
He doesnt look a day over 42 does he!! LOL

I gave him his pressie which was a pair of Europeon design Bike Pants as per his request.... They have gel in the seat rather than the chamoi!!
Much more comfortable for long rides on the motorbike.....
But I gave him a musical birthday card that sang "hot stuff". He got such a hoot out of that damn card. He videod it and sent it to his mates!! So funny!!!
But Mother Nature gave him the best present....
A lovely big storm to watch!!!
Here we are watching the storm come toward us when we were on our walk!!! We just made it onto the back deck when it really started to come down!!!

So i used the storm as a backdrop for my photo!!!
Then Stu blew out his candles after all the storm watching!!!
Always the larrikin!!
Here is Emelia enjoying the show!!!
So that was my day today...
Update from the Doctor:
After all the worry about his heart, the blood results came back that he has slight liver function problem.
We were so worried about his heart and didnt think about anything else. He doesnt have to do anything, just go back in 6 months...
So its all good....
Thanks to all who have sent birthday wishes to Stu. I passed them all on with long winded explanations as to who everyone is and where they are from!!! LOL
And also for the well wishes for Stus health!!!
And thanks also to those who tell me Im not high maintenance!! I passed that piece of information too!! LOL


kerry said...

Hey Joid looks like he enjoyed his birthday.I hope Josh ahs gotten over his little gutsa on his bike.Take care Kerry xx

Joanne said...

Happy birthday Stu, I'm glad you got good news about your health.

Ness said...

Happy Birthday Stu, looks like you had a wonderful day. Great to hear you got a good result from the doctor too.


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