Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 52.... Busy Day all round

Look at these beautiful arrows...
All in the A zonescoring a full 25 points!! Yay!!!
Today the one round i scored 96/100!!
Very happy.
I came second over the weekend...Not too bad for not picking up a bow since November except for the fedw arrows i shot the other day!!!
My shoulder is paying for it though... :(

We came home at lunch time to find the kids out the back riding Solo.
Joshs friend Teagan who is experienced was showing Emelia how to stop Solo rearing up when he is doing the barrels.
Its so handy to have someone that can get on the horse and actually show Emelia what to do... It makes more sense to her....
Here is Teags teaching Solo a lesson!!

Last night i just wanted to do some pleasure scrapping. So i did this layout which is from Pip Prossers Double Up pack for February i think...
Buel Muster
I used an A2Z Scraplet motorbike too... cute hey!!!

You may have noticed that i havnt been posting weigh ins for the last couple of weeks... Yeh, about that!!! I have the weirdest body. I obviously need a certain amount of food for my body not to store fat. All Slimmm is doing is storing fat for me. I may have lsot weight, and i am starving all the time, but i feel huge and bulky!! Really horrible!!!

Then i saw this photo of me and dispite the fact that i have lost weight, i still look shoking!!!! I dont feel that good at all on Slimmm. No energy, lithargic, low brain function. etc etc.

So tomorrow im going back to Jenny Craig. Im gonna go back on that. It worked for me. It may not have been the best solution for everyone, but it did seam to work for me and i cant argue with that. I lsot 35 kilos on Jenny, and since going off it and trying "more healthier" diets, i have continually put it on or not lost anymore... In this last 12 months or so since going off jenny. I have tried:

WEight Watchers; Slimmm; Some special program for fat people I forget the name; another special visiualisation diet...... and none have worked.. Little successes but not the success i need!!!

I need to loose it by September!!! I want to loose 20 kilos by then!! Thats 7 months!! I cant be arsing around with failed programs anymore.... Ive been starting for 2 months and i have only lost 5 kilos!!! Not good enough!!!


Lisa A said...

hey Jodi,
despitew what you think I think you are doing a great and amazing job, Congratulations on your archery

kerry said...

Jodi you have to do whats right for you kiddo.Take care Kerry xx

Kat Browne said...

Babe, you are gorgeous, don't let anyone tell you different.

If it works for you, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It's your body, no one else can decide what will work best but you.

Good luck!!


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