Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 55...... Dont talk to me!!!

Eer had those days when your just so anti -social!!!
I new i shouldnt have gotten out of bed this monring!!!
Just so down, but i know its pre mentral!! Doenst help the fact that it happens every month though....Grrr!!!
Met the girls for coffee today too, so it should have been a nice day!! :(
But to top it off, Im teaching a class tonigh to 32 Family Day Care Mums!!!
Teaching balloon twisting!!!
Better brighten up the mood soon hey!!!
So i took the camera out and tried to start on my photography course homework...
Homework 1:
Rule of the Thirds....
Pretend there is a grid in your picture for placement of your subject...
Hard to explain..
But this is todays efforts. - this wont be the final one though, just playing!!!

Homework 2:
Focus on the foreground then on the backgroud with your autofocus..
Same photo, but a different look

Clear Foreground...
Clear Background

Here is me today!!!!
Another yummy j/c day today....

Hopefully some scrapping tomorrow - I need a happy place!!! :)

1 comment:

lindy said...

Keep it up Jodi...that sounds like the course i did last year at tafe you get some great photos by the end..


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