Thursday, February 5, 2009

We WON!!!!!

How long has it been since we have WON a game of softball???
A long time!!!!
Last year we WON the A greade division, this year it looks like we might make the D or E grade!!
But todays game, it was like we were our old selves again!!!!
3 up 3 down!!! ON fire!!
Catches left and right, good throws, home runs!!!
And we were a girl down!!!!
Score: 16 -10!!!
I made it to second base and i made it home!!
But contributed to getting heaps of people out playing short stop!!
Ive found my position!!!
Here are some action photos!!!!
The white shirts are us!!! This is Audy batting and Mick doing the reffing.
Here is another Mick upto bat
Hes just hit a home run and i missed where he was showing off his "assets" for the camera!! LOL These boys are so funny!!!
Here is Mick getting a home run, as he always does!!! Hes a great player!!!
Emelia upto Bat. She refuses to wear the uniform!!
She made it to second
The home Yay!!
After a stop at Maccas, everyone else went to the Pub, but we always go to Maccas, Emelias a bit too young for the pub!! LOL
Went to feed to kids.....
Here is Solo, he came up for his kiss....

And here are the roos... Came out to drink from the sprinklers!!! Its getting dry again!!!

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Lisa A said...

Way to go girl, Congratulations on the softball win, love the photos of Emelia and Solo, they make a good photogenic pair. By the way could you please package up one of those Kangaroos and send down here for me I have always wanted one of them as a pet LOL LOL


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