Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 44... Valentines Day Eve!!!

Emelia went to a Valenties and Vampires Disco last night!!
Guess what her costume was??? LOL
Happy Valentines Day Eve!!!
The day started off lovely with COffee and Breakie with the girls at the Verdict!!
Scrambled eggs and bacon... so love it!!!!
But I did weigh in first!!
Not as good as i hoped!!!
I just cant get under my goal number one!! Im hanging on by .01 of a kilo!!!
Its so frustrating!!!!
I'll try harder this week!!!
Ive done some early Valentines Day deliveries...
Very Cute!!!

This one has balloons inside that top balloon.... And the balloon below is a giant balloon!! Huge!!! Nearly 1 meter across!!!
I love the curlies at the bottom

And i have these cute little lolly pops too that i have put in the weight on the base!! They are so yummy!! I lost a filling today sampling one!!! My hubby saw me eating one and he said "I hope you loose a tooth - you shouldnt he eating that!!!!"
Then i did!!! Bugger he is!!!!
And here i am today..... With a little balloon....
I know its a very retail celebration Valentines Day.....
But i hope that you and your special loved one have a great day tomorrow, however you choose to spend it!!
My loved one with be delivering balloons!! LOL

1 comment:

Kirsty said...

These are AWESOME! Love your creations:)

Wish my hubby thought of doing something like this!!

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