Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 48..........Pump up the exercise!!!

I gotta have a little lay down!!!
I did the Porky Walk this morning!!
OMG, so not recommented at the beginning of the day, my legs were jelly all day!
But i did it and i didnt die!!! LOL

So here i am feeling very proud of myself!!!Here is an award I got from the lovely Kylie!!!
Thanks so much Kylie...
Now its time to Nomiate poeple for the lovely blog award...
First off:
Rose, - who has some of the most lovely things on her blog
Jack, - for sharing some wonderful photos of Gunnedah and her kids
Brenda - who dispite the blood and guts today usually has some lovely stuff on her blog!! lol

Jules - for sharing her lovely world with us
Lisa - for her lovely pets and caring heart
Kristy - for her lovely layouts and family piccies
Kerry - for her lovely inspiration!! And lovely son!! Hmmm lol (He knows what we think of him doesnt he Kerry?) too funny!!
Jayne - cause shes a lovely person with a great blog!!!
Now, i have been working on using up bits and peaces...
We win some we loose some!!!
LOL... pity help the person who gets this card!!!!
We did our second class tonight in the Digital Photgraphy class im doing!!
Tonight i learnt something!!!!
But there were still so many people that had to be shown over and over the basics about getting to their folders on their computer!!
How on earth are they going to get on when we are further into the course and we are doing far more complicated computer work!!!
As our teacher said tonight, this is a photography course, not a computer course!!!
Make me think...
But tonight i learnt heaps so am happy!!


Kylie said...

:0) love it...porky walk!!! good one you!!!

kerry said...

Thanks for the award Jodi thats great Take care Kerry xx


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