Monday, February 16, 2009

Twinkling H20s Blog Technique

Over at Scrap with V
I have done the Blog Technique this month
on Twinkling H2os.
They are awesome little pots of magic!!!
Want to learn how to use them?
Well go check it out here!

Like my card tin?
This is the project that i had featured on the Blog Technicque, but for some reason, didnt come through....

I saw a tin like this on the Prima Blog and i thought it would be a great thing to store all the cards im going to make in before sending them out.....


Lisa A said...


Kylie said...

come check my blog out..i have given you an your tin by the way..

Kylie said... that tin, me thinks I will have to give this a go!!

lindy said...

cute tin jod


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