Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 51..... In training!!!!!

We are off to an indoor archery tournament this weekend in Tamworth. Its a regional one with shooters from all over NSW..
Its always such good fun!!! I love shooting at Tamworth!!!
I miss Jase but, he has gone to be a copper in the Northern Territory. He was the president of the Tamowrth club and scuh a laid back fun guy!!
He was the kinda guy that gelled all the groups together. He was the glue!!!
But anyway
Back to my training....
So i will give you a bit of a run down... although i probably spent longer taking photos and doing this post than shooting arrows - buts its hot outside!!! LOL
I am the peak of high fashion today on the archery field.... LOL
Here is me... wearing my new....
Gumboots!! So fashionble with shorts.....
But so practical. There are heaps of mozzies out the back and they bite ok!!!
Then i have my bow....

Mine is a Mathews Prestige. Great bow. I shoot Freestyle Unlimited which means i have all the cheating apparatus. I have the adjustable sites, a scope, a long stabilizer (And yes i sometimes think it has more to do with ego than stabilisation!!) I also use a release aid, which is like a gun strigger to release the string.

This is how far i was shooting today.... 18 metres.
But we do shoot as far as 80 yards away which looks like this....

And this is what i am aiming at from that distance
That small black dot!!!
Being that i havnt shot since November last year..... my arrows are a little of target.. But still pretty good i think!!!

Grouping well, once i get the distance right on my site.

But then i got tired and they are spread a bit too much

So thats me so far today..... Will let you know how i go..


lindy said...

this looks very familiar my ds has done archery for years he was the aust jr champ

Lisa A said...

Hey miss jodi love those boots you are looking amazing Keep up the good work

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