Thursday, February 12, 2009

Victorian Fires

Theres been lots of talk on blogs and forums about the fires.

I know i havnt mentioned it on my blog, but thats not because those people arnt in my thoughts...

Its all i think about....

Im truely so very sad for the people effected and the loss of so very many innoscent lives....

No words can ever express the devistation these people are facing everyday and will continue to face for the rest of their lives...

The thing that truely amaises me is the generosity of Australians... Day one there was 6 million dollars donated, day 2, 16 million, and it continues to pour in.

In a climate where people are facing their own financial hardships, Australians are still so willing to give all they can to others...

What other country does this!!!

It makes me think about the Anzac stories and the stories from Vietnam with the Australian soldiers.

It was never about them, even though they had their lives in danger everyday, these soldiers were still looking out for others, still looking out for innscent people effected by the fighting. The comradery, and the pulling together...

Thats what this country is about isnt it!! We pull together when times are tough and its got nothing to do with politicians and policies or any power mungers... Its about the Australian People.
What a truely great nation we are.

I am so proud to be appart of such a generous community as the Australian Community.

My thoughts and hart felt prayers go out to all those effected by the Victorian Fires. May you find comfort in the memories of your lost loved ones, and the precious time you have spent together.

I hope you find comfort in the memories of your lost pets... how we treasure our darling animals, so very many lost in the fires.

We can rebuild and replace objects, but we cant rebuilt our lost family, friends and pets... Im truely and deaply sorry for these losses.

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Cottage Rose said...

It is so sad, I actually feel guilty for having so much.
We are Australians, we do care about each other and the way we all have rallied to help these poor shell shocked people makes me very proud to be an Aussie.


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