Thursday, February 12, 2009

Days 42 & 43

I had the best phone call today!!!!
Lisa A has had a brilliant weight loss this week!!!
Awesome work Lisa!! Im so pleased for you!!!!
Better news than mine i bet??
Im not looking forward to the scales tomorrow!!!! Ive been a bit naughty!!!
Ive really got to learn to not eat my stress!!!! I so do!! I cant help it!!!
How do you overcome this!!!

So this was me yesterday!!!! Before my walk....
It was so lovely and cool yesterday!!!

I decided to have a bit of a change today.....
Rather than my face, i took a photo of my feet in my new gum boots!!!
Arnt they awesome!!
Ive been wanting these boots for so long, but from the equine shop, they are over $100!! Theres no way i am paying that for mud boots!!!
But target had them for $29.99!!!
So i got me a pair!!

Its weigh in day tomorrow..... Wish me heaps of luck!! Im gonna need it!!!


Tracey said...

Love those boots they look fantastic. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow, but I'm sure you will do fine without.

Lisa A said...

Hey Miss Jodi, don't forget to ring or txt me tomorrow. I know all will be well I have faith, as I said today we can do this together...

kerry said...

good luck Jodi with the weight loss im cheering for you.Take care Kerry xx

Jules the Bling Princess said...


That whole not eating your stress thing will probably be your hardest battle on this journey. It is a lot like an addiction, like smoking. You have to learn how to break the addiction.

I've found it doesn't ever really go away, but it does get easier to manage, and you eventually learn to replace the bad food with good. So even if you eat from stress, you are at least eating healthy food.

The main thing to remember, is that you will fall off the wagon, time and time again, but as long us you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on, then you will be ok. Just remember to get back on, no matter how bad or guilty you feel.

I have been doing this for 18 months, and i struggled with my food and eating for the first 12 months. But now, I still have my occasional bad day, but most days are good. (-:

It comes down to time, and practice. The more you practice eating the correct stuff, the better and easier it gets. And don't ever forget to keep exercising. That is the key ingredient that so many people forget.

You know where to find me if you need to talk.




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