Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day...39.... Exhaustion!!!

It was such a HUGE day today and i am so ready for bed..
heading for a shower when i finish this!!!
Emelia had her HACK day today at the showground.
Riders came from everywhere to compete.
Emelia and Solo have been practising for hours. Emelia hasnt done any of this kinda thing before... appart from the straight girl rider at pony camp. But this is so different.....
So we got Solo all tarted up....
Complete with plaits, glitter and makeup...

Emelia got all dressed up in 39.1 degree temperatures in a Woollen Riding Jacket and jodpers...

We were up at 4.00am to get Solo down to the showground. Emelia had to ride there in the dark. We left home at 5.00am.

Then she had to work him for an hour or so before dressing him up. All in the dark.

There was alot of hurry up and wait going on.

Girl rider was at 9.00am and then the Show Hunter wasnt until about 1pm. She had another 4 events including the Championship, then we were done.

For her first full on competition, she did so well!! Im very proud of her.
Solo on the other hand, will be doing some more long rides to get that rebellious streak out of him!!!
She ended up with 1 first, 1 second and 2 thirds... A very good result.

While we were busy at the showground, Stu took his bike for a run to Lake Keepit.
He got some great photos....

Then on the way home he got booked!!!! LOL

But look at the t shirt he was wearing!!! Too Funny

It says Three things you should never say to cops:

1. How about i buy you some donuts and you let me go!!

2. I smell Bacon

3. Didnt i see you get beaten up on cops!!!

Too funny!!!

This is grotty old me today!! The hairs a mess, my shirt is filthly and i am sunburnt yet again!!! Im already black, what colour will this send me!!! Grr!!
Tomorrow, back on Slimmm track!!


Jules the Bling Princess said...

Way to go Emelia!!! Bravo!!!

kerry said...

Well done Emelia thats fantastic.And good on you Stu thats less money for jodi to scrap with lol.Take care Kerry xx

Kerry said...

Well done Emelia!!!
Stu, lift that foot!

Tracey said...

Well done to Emelia what a great result. Don't you love the different color cop cars, some of them look great.

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

good job Emelia! And is that really a green police car! Why????

Lisa A said...

Congratulations to Emelia and Solo job well done, Stu gotta say love the shirt and you were wearing on the right day at the right time, I bet Mr Officer got a laugh well I hope he got a laugh

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