Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 58... Thanks for your Well Wishes

I got so many well wishes about my finger...
Thanks so much to all for your concern!!!
I had a few nice thoughful suggestions,
  • maybe id like to borrow Brenda's 6 year old daughters scissors to use rather than the big bad sharp ones!! (Theres an idea!!)
  • I was told i take the award for the worst scrapping injury!!! (Its always nice to be good at something!!!!)

But its healing up nicely now.

I can type with it now, and do my hair!! Although this mornings efforts were much to be desired!!! I had to get Emelia to do it!!! It took me 2 hours to blow up 20 minutes worth of balloons!!! But by tonight, i have bent, pulled and stretched it enough thats its pretty functional now!!!

This layout is the culprit!!! And look at it!! Its bloody ugly anyway!! Im so cranky!! And the flowers i was cutting when i cut my finger i didnt even end up using!! GRRR!!
It was for Februarys 123 Challenge.....
Shape base, but not a circle or a square
Nature Theme
No hearts!!!!
Look what mine has!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! How frustrating!!!!

I did this congratulatory balloon and flowers today!! Im not much of a floral arranger kinda person. But these turned out ok.Here i am today.
I still have to weigh myself. I meant to, just didnt get around to it.
Although i do feel that i havnt lost any, but put it on!!!
I think because i havnt been eating and now i am, its just gone BANG!!!
I suppose my metabalism will adjust!!! WHo knows!!
Im off to Tamworth tomorrow for the motorbike riding school!!!
But my bike is still in Bundaburg!! We havnt had time to get it yet.
Stus hoping to have it here before my birthday on March 10th!!
So am i!!
I only need to be on my L's for a week. Or for as long as it take to book into the P's riding school....
Look out world!!!

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Your looking good Jodi, love the layout but not the finger hope its feeling better


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