Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 59...... Pre Learners Bike Training!!

Today I spent the morning in Tamworth doing my pre-learners riders training!!!
Talk about freak out!!
Breaking, changing gears, brake-check-stand, mirrors - check-moveoff, braking setup, Sqeeze ease!!!
OMG, so many sayings that are supposed to make the process of riding so much easier, and all i did was get confused!!!
Its like, enough is enough!! Just tell me what to bloody do to ride this thing!!! I was so confused by all the lingo, that riding the bike was so hard!!!
I suppose the intructors are repeating this stuff all the time, but to a novice, it really does just add to the total confusion of learning to use a new mode of transport!!!!
By the time i finally fingured out what it all meant, we move onto the next saying and i have to start again!!!!
Not only that, but the trainer - awesome bloke and great fun, but when teaching us about something always had a "long Story" to accompany it and by the time he finished the long story, you forget what he was trying to teach you!!!
So after day one, i came home totally exhausted, in the body and the head and slept and slept!!!!
Here i am when i got home!! Look at the helmet hair!!! I didnt bother tidying it up for the photo... this is the real me!!! LOL

I love the beginning of AUtumn with all the new scents from the garden....
We need smellablog!!
Check out these lovely orange blossoms...

Ok, seeya tomorrow...

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