Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riding Solo and I dont mean Lily!!!

Today we were experimenting with Solo and his rearing up.
We need to do something about it before Friday as Emelia has the Manilla School Sports Day and i dont want people/teachers panicking if Solo rears and then stops emelia form riding him...
So after some research and a suggestions from a long time horse owner, we tried a head check.
So we saddled him up and lunged him with it on to get used to it before Emelia got on him.... He seams ok. He put up a fight though still, he hates lunging!!

Here he is with the head down and bucking!!! Rebelling all be can!!!

But hes still Mummas boy.... he comes in for a cuddle after being roused on!!!

Cimmi was staying out of the action just incase!!!
So Emelia rode him but he was just being naughty, he didnt rear at all.
So we pulled out the Barrels... He always rears doing the Barrels... But he didnt!!
He couldnt get his head up!!
So it might work.

To test the theory I got on him and worked him a bit harder.
I did a barrels run with him, and its amaising how it all comes back to you... He did brilliantly!! This horse is amaising!!!
I really have to get a saddle and ride him more often!!!!
I also did a couple of jumps.....

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