Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 63...... Exhaustion!!!

We didnt get away as early this morning after the night we had. We left about 6am NSW time.
Guess where this photo taken???
I was so proud of the photography training..... Rule of Thirds....

We got Lilly of the Ute and into the shed with the other guys.......
So are so mean!!
They all had their back to her... So ignorant and typical for men!!!
Just becuase shes got a bit of age and is a cruiser, they wont talk to her. But you watch, once she gets all her cosmetic surgery done, who will be sniffing around then hey!!!!
They will be losing one of the boys this weekend anyway.. The green one might be off to Sydney, so he will know whats its like to be the "New bike in the shed!!!"
Im sure she will settle in fine. She took a fit of firing up this arvo though... Needed some defibulation to get the heart started.... But she roared into life!!! The we discovered she might need a bit of by pass. We'll book her into the surgeon and she will be as right as rain....
Ive got my eye on a pink flutter shoei helmet!!! So nice. It has pink butterflys on it. I will take it down to the local car decal guy and have some light pink, white and silver big winged butterflys put on the tank and such.. Should look so nice.
Emelia likes it too, so she will get to ride it to school etc when shes old enough. That will be next year. We can share it. I wont ride it as often as she will.
So i will do my L's knowledge test this week, and then have to get her registered. Im gonna get personalised plates that match my car rego....
So now i have a green car and a pink bike!!! Just like my facebook vehicles!! LOL

Here is todays photo.. Its so feral. Hair not done... LOL.

Lisa rang me today about her weigh in and has done really well!!! Im hoping after the last couple of days the damage isnt too bad!!! I might leave it a week before i weigh in... lol


lindy said...

stunning sunsets you clever thing the pink bike

phillipa said...

Beautiful photos and lurve the pink bike!!

Lisa A said...

Hey jodi
thanks for the mention and your doing great yourself..WOOHOO i was totally amazed when i went to weigh in today


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