Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Day of Action

It wa another action packed day in the Dolbel house today....
Its the Week of Speed in Gunnedah. This weekend being the end of that week.
So the boys went to the much anticipated drags.
Today is practise day, and a bit again tomorrow before the real thing.
There are 8 bikes today, and no doubt more will turn up tomorrow for the real thing!!!
Stu & Josh bother recorded their fastest times yet over the 1/8th mile.
Stu was 6.9 and Josh was 7.4
I will go out tomorrow and get some action shots... but here they are all lined up!!! I think Lily would fit in fine, but shes not allowed to go!!! :( Men!!!

Emelia played hre first game of netball in a Saturday Comp. She never ever did the netball thing at school.... And it turns out thats she not too bad at it!!! She was thrilled with her performace, as were the team!! She warned them she'd never played - but they are in it for the fun this year!!
After an excellent game.... they lost 26/28!!!

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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
I have worked out why the boys don't want Lilly at the Drags, because they are frightened of being out raced by a girl, better still they know that Lilly will beat them.. Can you help me pick a name for my car please............


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