Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book Review - Fishing for Stars by Bryce Courtney

I finished reading this novel on the way home... under protest!!!
Im a huge fan of Bryce Courtney, Ive read every single one of his books.... And i have loved everyone of them... except this one.
The book is a written as a memoire of an old man, to delve into why he is having nightmares.
And it never says on the cover or on the sleeve, but it continues to story of Nick, Anna and Marg from the novel The Persimmon Tree.
The novel waffles on so much about politics its unbelievable and so very boring!!! Thats not why i read a book and although most of Bryce Courtneys books do rely on history as part of their story base, the way it is described in this book is so long winded.
And also the start of the Greenies movement.
I actually just turned page and page after page to try to get to something interesting.
There are a few sub plots, places where he has completely lost the plot!! LOL
Plots unfinished.. (Maybe becuase it bored me to tears and i just flipped passed it!!! Who knows)
I admit, i did shed a tear at the end. But i dont know if it was becuase it was sad or becuase i was happy i had finially finished it!!!!
Maybe others that are into politics & economics might enjoy this book, but im not. Im a romantic.. so this book i probably give maybe 2 stars out of 5.... (**///)

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phillipa said...

God Jodi I have this book to read so do I have to read The Persimmon Tree first? There are only a few of his I haven't read and that happens to be one. I was at a convention once where Bryce was the speaker...OMG he was fantastic! I got to meet him and have a chat when he finished his talk. He's very interesting to listen to!


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