Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another big day....

Mum, Sarah and I did another wedding today......
Its the most gorgeous one i have done in a while... The bride has such excellent taste and everything matched in beautifully!!
very elegant and classy!!!
For all the photo go here

She had purple..

Lily had an outing today.....
We took her out to Keepit Dam!!! Yay!!!

Stu came with me.. The trip out was ok. Got to 100kms. Its very breezy on the bike, its really hard to stay on with all the wind... So I had to scrunch right down...

Heres a self portait...

Then Stu took a good shot of me and Lily

Gotta pull down the wedding tomorrow and Emelia goes to a gymkana on Solo.

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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Love the wedding stuff its very elegant, love lilly she is awesome and i love that top you have on, your looking really well and doing well with your weight loss....Keep up the good work, sorry i havent been around to chat to i have been very busy at work and coming home and crashing as in tired

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