Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 60...... I passed the course!!!

Look, i passed!!!!
But i am going to go back with my bike to do the intermediate course! I am really having a bit of confidence trouble with breaking etc.
I know with practise, i will get it...

Then I came home and went to the show ground where Emelia was competing in a ribbon day.
Poor Mum was on Pony Club duty which had her exhausted by the end of the day....
Here are some of the action photos....
Solo was being his usual self. But by the end of the day - and Emelia finally listening to me!! (This girl is her own worst enemy!!!) He ws fine.
He doesnt like leaving the other horses and he gets nervous.
So i told her not to stand with the other horses, but away with her back to the action, and then just casually walk over like its no big deal and do the event.
Emelia doesnt run like a bull at a gate with him either...
She trotted the bends, and trotted the barrels, walked the square jump and the keyhole.
And Solo is getting better. The first time she attempted the sqaure jump, Solo couldnt even start it, the send time he jumped the first one and then took off. This time, he completed it perfectly using the starting strategy.
So i have no doubt, that with patience, he will be re trained.
I jsut hope Emelia isnt hurt in the mean time!! But she hasnt come off it all yet. No once!!! Its a real credit to her riding skills.
But look at the photo. She does look in full control. And Solo isnt swinging his head back, so he isnt going to topple over. He isnt out to hurt her or to get her off his back, he is just making it known that he is really anxious about this event!!

Cathreine and Emelia came second in their pairs event. They were so pleased with themselves!!!

And here is Emelia at her lady rider event...
And check out the mess i am in today!!!
But i finished the day without colasping!!
So thats a good thing....
ANd my food intake was great!! Didnt do anything wrong dispite the activites of the day!! Yay!!

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