Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 61.... my finger is so sore!!!!

Im not surprised that infection has kicked in with my finger!!!
Its so sore and swollen.
Ive been up to outpatients and the lovely doctor has given me antibiotics...
But its so sore.. I cant bend it again as its ripping the skin where the stiches are because its so swollen...
Here is a photo from a few hours ago, but its gotton bigger!!!

I jumped on the scales this morning.... And i have lost a bit of weight!! I think its about 1.6kgs or something....
And i didnt walk all week either!! I had such a busy week. Out 3 nights and catching up on ironing and housework on the other two and early nights over the weekend with the riding course...
So im happy with that result!!!
we are picking up my motorbike tomorrow for my birthday!!! Yay!!
Will show you some photos when i get it!!


kerry said...

hey Jodi,your finger looks sore poor love.And congrats on the bike thing and the weight loss.Take care Kerry xx

Brenda said...

Ouch! That doesn't look good.

Have you got a pink helmut to go with your bike yet?

Take care

Ness said...

Your finger does look very sore Jodi, hope the antibiotics work and it heals quickly for you.


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