Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shoppin with the girls... what better fun can a girl have???

Ok, here is the photo of promised yesterday........
Week 12... of the 52 week challenge and 5 kilos down!!! God how slow is that!!! Better be faster from now on I can tell you!!! LOL
Notice the lovely green scarf i am waring....
Yes i know its too hot for scarves, but i bought this today at Colarado and its so soft......
I bought it to match the lovely new green trench coat i bought too.....

Which will go nicely with any one of the two pairs of shoes i bought...
and i will be able to scrap all of this with the copeous amounts of scrap product i bought from the only place within 400kms - Spotlight!!!!!
SO that was my day.
Off to help prepare for tomorrows early rise to go the Manilla Horse Sports Carnival!!!
Oh and guess what????
I backed the horse float into the driveway!!! I did!!!!!
And we live on a bend too - so it gets even more points!!!
How clever am i???
Bit pat on the back!! LOL


Jayne said...

Yay for shopping and I LOVE the new green scarf looks gorgeous!!

Kathie said...

Good job with the float & weight loss! Remember honey it didn't go on overnight so its going to take a bit to get rid of it!!

phillipa said...

Well done Jode!!
Love the new-look blog!!

Tracey said...

Love the changes to your blog it looks great congrates on the weight lose

Kirsty said...

Jodi, you are just looking GREAT! Love the scarf :-D

Lisa A said...

You are looking amazing, love the scarf, where did you say you brought it from, might have to invest in one of those if they have one in blue or black to wear with my work uniform

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